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2015A FeCl3-based ionic liquid for the oxidation of anthracene to anthraquinone王玉高; 魏贤勇; 王升康; 谢瑞伦; 李鹏; 柳方景; 宗志敏
2013A highly active Ni/ZSM-5 catalyst for complete hydrogenation of polymethylbenzenes亓士超; 魏贤勇; 宗志敏; 林润一郎; 袁新华; 孙林兵
2016A highly active solid acid for specifically catalyzing di(1-naphthyl)methane hydrocracking in cyclohexane赵美霞; 魏贤勇; 屈萌; 李占库; 刘静; 孔娇; 张栋栋; 闫洪雷; 宗志敏
2015Advances in lignite extraction and conversion under mild conditions李占库; 魏贤勇; 闫洪雷; 王玉高; 孔娇; 宗志敏
2014Alkanolysis simulation of lignite-related model compounds using density functional theory李占库; 宗志敏; 闫洪雷; 王玉高; 魏贤勇; 史大玲; 赵云鹏; 赵长林; 杨竹晟; 樊星
2015Analysis of extractablebasic nitrogen compounds in Buliangou subbituminous coal by positive-ion ESIFT-ICR MS孔娇; 魏贤勇; 闫洪雷; 李占库; 赵美霞; 李艳; 宗志敏
2013Application of gas chromatography/mass spectrometry in studies onseparation and identification of organic species in coals樊星; 魏贤勇; 宗志敏
2013Application of supported metallic catalysts in catalytic hydrogenation of arenes亓士超; 魏贤勇; 宗志敏; 王殷恺
2015Catalytic hydroconversion ofGeting bituminous coal over FeNi−S/γ-Al2O3张栋栋; 宗志敏; 刘静; 王英华; 于利成; 吕璟慧; 王铁民; 魏贤勇; 魏哲昊; 李艳
2012Catalytic hydrocracking of organic matter in coals under mild conditions-a review魏贤勇; 宗志敏; 倪中海; 赵炜; 曹景沛; 樊星; 赵云鹏; 岳晓明; 孙林兵
2012Catalytic hydrocracking of organic matter in coals under mild conditions-a review魏贤勇; 宗志敏; 倪中海; 赵炜; 曹景沛; 樊星; 赵云鹏; 岳晓明; 孙林兵
2012超声波辅助法测定煤及其衍生物中酸性含氧官能团的研究康士刚; 宗志敏; 水恒福; 王知彩; 魏贤勇
2014Characterization of acidic species in ethanol-soluble portion from Zhaotong lignite ethanolysis by negative-ion electrospray ionization Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry李占库; 宗志敏; 闫洪雷; 王玉高; 倪红星; 魏贤勇; 李艳红
2015Characterization of basic heteroatom compoundsin liquefaction residue from Shenmu-Fugu subbituminous coal by positive-ionelectrospray ionization Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance massspectrometry李鹏; 宗志敏; 李占库; 王玉高; 柳方景; 魏贤勇
2013Characterization of biomarkers and structural features of condensed aromatics in Xianfeng lignite柳方景; 魏贤勇; 桂娟; 王玉高; 李鹏; 宗志敏
2015Characterization of extracts from Geting bituminous coal李占库; 魏贤勇; 杨竹晟; 闫洪雷; 魏哲昊; 李艳; 宗志敏
2016Characterization of nitrogen- and oxygen-containing species inmethanol-extractable portion from Xinghe lignite张栋栋; 宗志敏; 刘静; 吕璟慧; 王铁民; 桂娟; 屈萌; 郭璐璐; 冯志浩; 魏贤勇
2014Characterization of Zhundong subbituminous coal by time-of-flight mass spectrometry equipped with atmospheric pressure photoionization郑爱丽; 樊星; 柳方景; 魏贤勇; 王守泽; 赵云鹏; 宗志敏; 赵炜
2013Characterizations of the extracts from Geting bituminous coal by spectrometries史大玲; 魏贤勇; 樊星; 宗志敏; 陈博; 赵云鹏; 王玉高; 曹景沛
2014Deep hydrogenation of coal tar over a Ni/ZSM-5 catalyst亓士超; 张露; 魏贤勇; 林润一郎; 宗志敏; 郭露露