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2016An elastic microporous material with tunable optical property王峰; 朱海霖; 张华鹏; 唐红艳; 陈建勇; 郭玉海
2013层间混杂复合材料的弹道侵彻性能研究肖露; 程建芳; 柴晓明; 张华鹏
2014Effect of stretching ratio and heating temperature on structure and performance of PTFE hollow fiber membrane in VMD for RO brine王红杰; 丁闩保; 朱海霖; 王峰; 郭玉海; 张华鹏; 陈建勇
2015Effect of surface hydrophilic modification on the wettability, surface charge property and separation performance of PTFE membrane王峰; 朱海霖; 张华鹏; 唐红艳; 陈建勇; 郭玉海
2015Effect of the highly asymmetric structure on the membrane characteristics and microfiltration performance of PTFE wrapped hollow fiber membrane王峰; 李玖明; 朱海霖; 张华鹏; 唐红艳; 陈建勇; 郭玉海
2013聚四氟乙烯纤维加工技术郭玉海; 张华鹏
2014Physical modification of polytetrafluoroethylene flat membrane by a simple heat setting process and membrane wetting remission in SGMD for desalination王峰; 李玖明; 朱海霖; 张华鹏; 唐红艳; 陈建勇; 郭玉海
2013Preparation and properties of PTFE hollow fiber membranes for desalination through vacuum membrane distillation朱海霖; 王红杰; 王峰; 郭玉海; 张华鹏; 陈建勇
2015Surface microstructure evolution of polytetrafluoroethylene microporous materials by a casting–lyophilization–calcining (CLC) method王峰; 朱海霖; 张华鹏; 唐红艳; 陈建勇; 郭玉海
2013有限元分析法研究Kevlar129纱线及织物的拉伸性能程建芳; 肖露; 柴晓明; 周纪明; 陈建勇; 张华鹏