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2012A new piezochromic fluorescence and aggregation-induced emission compound containing tetraphenylethylene and triphenylamine moieties with morphology-alterable property周勰; 李海银; 池振国; 许炳佳; 张锡奇; 张艺; 刘四委; 许家瑞
2015Achieving remarkable mechanochromism and white-light emission with thermally activated delayed fluorescence through the molecular heredity principle许炳佳; 穆英啸; 毛竹; 谢宗良; 吴豪忠; 张艺; 金崇君; 池振国; 刘四委; 许家瑞; 吴元均; 吕伯彦; 连水池; Martin R. Bryce
2013Aggregation-induced emission luminophore with multi-stimuli single- and two-photon fluorescence switching and large two-photon absorption cross section.许炳佳; 谢明远; 何家骏; 徐斌; 池振国; 田文晶; 姜隆; 赵福利; 刘四委; 张艺; 徐至展; 许家瑞
2014An AIE-active luminophore with tunable and remarkable fluorescence switching based on the piezo and protonation–deprotonation control.马春平; 许炳佳; 谢高艺; 何家骏; 周勰; 彭邦银; 姜隆; 徐斌; 田文晶; 池振国; 刘四委; 张艺; 许家瑞
2015An organic molecule with asymmetric structure exhibiting aggregation-induced emission, delayed fluorescence, and mechanoluminescence许适当; 刘婷婷; 穆英啸; 王宜凡; 池振国; 罗长城; 刘四委; 张艺; 连水池; 许家瑞
2015Aninexact Newton method for stationary points of mathematical programs constrained by parameterizedquasi-variational inequalities吴佳; 张立卫; 张艺
2013北京山区典型森林植被林冠截留特征及模拟陈丽华; 张艺; 余新晓; 史宇; 黄枝英
2015藏族药翼首草不同药用部位UFLC 指纹图谱比较李聪颖; 范刚; 张艺; 高燕; 李文婕
2016藏药小檗皮的质量标准研究李艳; 吕秀梅; 林亚丽; 莫家祺; 范刚; 赖先荣; 张艺
2015藏药复方“吉尼德协”的质量标准研究李艳; 雄呷; 吕秀梅; 伍金丹增; 段炼; 范刚; 张艺
2014藏药小檗花的质量标准研究李艳; 杜蕾蕾; 张小灵; 刘川; 赖先荣; 张艺; 范刚
2010多巴胺改性聚丙烯酸酯的合成及性能研究张峰; 刘四委; 张艺; 许家瑞
2012Effect of polyphenyl-substituted ethylene end-capped groups in metal-free organic dyes on performance of dye-sensitized solar cells陈承建; 廖金云; 池振国; 许炳佳; 张锡奇; 匡代彬; 张艺; 刘四委; 许家瑞
2012End-group effects of piezofluorochromic aggregation-induced enhanced emission compounds containing distyrylanthracene张锡奇; 池振国; 许炳佳; 陈承建; 周勰; 张艺; 刘四委; 许家瑞
2012二咔唑四苯乙烯多功能发光化合物的合成与性能池振国; 何克强; 李海银; 张锡奇; 许炳佳; 刘四委; 张艺; 许家瑞
2015Firstorder necessary optimality conditions for mathematical programs withsecond-order cone complementarity constraints张艺; 吴佳; 张立卫
2014Fluorescence-enhanced organogelators with mesomorphic and piezofluorochromic properties based on tetraphenylethylene and gallic acid derivatives.罗妙; 周勰; 池振国; 刘四委; 张艺; 许家瑞
2015光敏性皮肤病中医药研究概述张艺; 李伟凡; 孙丽蕴
2014High-performance two-photon absorption luminophores: large action cross sections, free from fluorescence quenching and tunable emission of efficient non-doped organic light-emitting diodes.许炳佳; 何家骏; 刘洋; 徐斌; 朱强忠; 谢明远; 郑泽波; 池振国; 田文晶; 金崇君; 赵福利; 张艺; 许家瑞
2009活动多种执行模式下网络计划资源均衡优化模型庞南生; 纪昌明; 张艺