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2014  红花显微特征常数与化学成分相关性厉妲; 张静; 张建逵; 许亮; 康廷国
2015. 黔产苗药“薄丈 达”中不同极性组分DPPH自由基清除活性的研究杜洪志; 农亨; 董立莎; 李家丽; 刘明; 何席呈; 张静
20132000-2011年1058例布加综合征统计分析李胜利; 祖茂衡; 张静; 陆召军
20132~5岁儿童的数概念发展水平——理解者水平理论的视角韩瑽瑽; 张静; 陈英和
20132~5岁儿童的数概念发展水平——理解者水平理论的视角韩瑽瑽(#); 张静; 陈英和()
2015A Newrout for visible/near-infrared-light-driven H2 production over titania:Co-sensitization of surface charge transfer complex and zinc phthalocyanine张静
2015氨基化Cu3(BTC)2的制备、表征及其催化性能研究田苗苗; 张艳梅; 李晓芳; 张静; 储刚; 范圣第; 王剑锋
2012AR在不同ER状态乳腺癌中的表达及临床病理意义张静; 牛昀; 于琦; 肖绪祺; 王亚红; 刘子瑜
-ASXL1 single nucleotide polymorphisms rs62206933, rs117901891, and rs74638057 identify a subgroup of acquired aplastic anemia in Chinese Han patients黄金波; 葛美丽; 卢士红; 施均; 李星鑫; 张济舟; 王敏; 于伟; 邵英起; 黄振东; 张静; 聂能; 郑以州
2015Banana Ovate family protein MaOFP1 and MADS-box protein MuMADS1 antagonistically regulated banana fruit ripening刘菊华; 张静; 胡伟; 苗红霞; 张建斌; 贾彩红; 王卓; 徐碧玉; 金志强
-体重指数对不同年龄不孕女性体外受精结局的影响李沛; 张静; 金萱
2014表面活性剂Burkholderia xenovorans LB400体系对低氯代PCBs的好氧强化降解陈少毅; 张静; 汪涵; 任源
-Biotic communities cannot mitigate the negative effects of grazing on multiple ecosystem functions and services in an arid shrubland张静
2014BODIPY基荧光传感器对半胱氨酸的检测黄柳倩; 张晨; 张静; 崔芳; 邱化玉; 何杏杏; 尹守春
2014布加综合征患者死亡相关影响因素分析桂迩; 陆召军; 祖茂衡; 黄水平; 张静; 王慧; 李海朋; 高修银
2015Carbonmonoxide protects the hippocampus from recurrent febrileseizures-induced brain damage through PERK-activated endoplasmic reticulum stress pathway韩颖; 伊文霞; 秦炯; 赵阳; 张静
2016Chromosome mapping using genomic DNA and repetitive DNA sequences as probes for somatic chromosome identification in Nibea albiflora郑娇(#); 曹款; 杨安冉; 张静; 王志勇; 蔡明夷()
2015磁场对骨髓间充质干细胞分化的影响张静; 詹琪; 黄艳
2015Clinical Features and Survival of Asian Pediatric Patients with Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria: Results from a Single Center in China葛美丽; 施均; 李星鑫; 邵英起; 黄金波; 黄振东; 张静; 聂能; 郑以州
-Comparative Study on the Protective Effects of Salidroside and Hypoxic preconditioning for attenuating anoxia-induced apoptosis in PC12 cells张静