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2016An elastic microporous material with tunable optical property王峰; 朱海霖; 张华鹏; 唐红艳; 陈建勇; 郭玉海
2014Effect of stretching ratio and heating temperature on structure and performance of PTFE hollow fiber membrane in VMD for RO brine王红杰; 丁闩保; 朱海霖; 王峰; 郭玉海; 张华鹏; 陈建勇
2015Effect of surface hydrophilic modification on the wettability, surface charge property and separation performance of PTFE membrane王峰; 朱海霖; 张华鹏; 唐红艳; 陈建勇; 郭玉海
2015Effect of the highly asymmetric structure on the membrane characteristics and microfiltration performance of PTFE wrapped hollow fiber membrane王峰; 李玖明; 朱海霖; 张华鹏; 唐红艳; 陈建勇; 郭玉海
2010不同溶解体系的丝素蛋白分子质量及对再生丝素膜性能的影响吴章伟; 冯新星; 朱海霖; 刘娜; 孙斌; 吴斌伟; 陈建勇
2011介孔生物活性玻璃/脱钙骨复合支架的制备及性能研究薛士壮; 朱海霖; 陈建勇; 冯新星; 常江
2008纳米TiO_2/丝素蛋白多孔材料的结构和性能郑敏; 朱海霖; 冯新星; 朱宝来; 陈建勇
2014Physical modification of polytetrafluoroethylene flat membrane by a simple heat setting process and membrane wetting remission in SGMD for desalination王峰; 李玖明; 朱海霖; 张华鹏; 唐红艳; 陈建勇; 郭玉海
2015Preparation and Characterization of Polyhydroxybutyrate-co- hydroxyvalerate/Silk Fibroin Nanofibrous Scaffolds for Skin Tissue Engineering雷彩虹; 朱海霖; 李静静; 李玖明; 冯新星; 陈建勇
2013Preparation and properties of PTFE hollow fiber membranes for desalination through vacuum membrane distillation朱海霖; 王红杰; 王峰; 郭玉海; 张华鹏; 陈建勇
2014Preparationand antibacterial property of silver-containing mesoporous 58S bioactive glass朱海霖; 胡超; 张芳芳; 冯新星; 李玖明; 刘涛; 陈建勇
2015丝素肽的分子量分布与止血性能的研究许亚阳; 沈锦玉; 朱海霖; 雷彩虹; 李静静; 陈建勇
2015Study on secondary structural transition of Nano-TiO2 modified silk fibroin composite films by two-dimensional Raman correlation spectroscopy and solid-state 13C-NMR spectroscopy朱海霖; 张芳芳; 冯新星; 张建春; 陈建勇
2015Surface microstructure evolution of polytetrafluoroethylene microporous materials by a casting–lyophilization–calcining (CLC) method王峰; 朱海霖; 张华鹏; 唐红艳; 陈建勇; 郭玉海