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20090604号强热带风暴“碧利斯”生成机制的初步研究李娟; 罗哲贤
20152013年7月四川盆地一次特大暴雨的中尺度系统的演变特征孙建华; 李娟; 沈新勇
20152013年7月四川盆地一次特大暴雨的中尺度系统的演变特征<b>孙建华</b>(#)(); 李娟; 沈新勇
201121世纪《园艺植物栽培学》教学与改革探索李娟; 陈杰忠; 黄建昌; 周俊辉; 赵春香
20152型猪链球菌SSU0448基因敲除突变株的构建及其毒力分析龚秀芳; 胡丹; 朱旭辉; 李娟; 赵琳; 钟璟皓; 潘秀珍; 王长军
2016A combined control strategy of wind energy conversion system with direct-driven PMSG周嘉炜; <b>李生权</b>(); 李娟; 张瑾
2014A Multi-Template Combination Algorithm for Protein Model Refinement李娟; Zipeng Liu; huisheng Fang
2014A Novel Audio Aggregation Watermarking Algorithm Based on Copyright Protection王让定; 李倩; 金超; 李娟; 熊益群
2014A Novel Average Measure Approach to the Identification of Native-Like Protein Structures Among Decoy Sets.李娟; Caiyun Fang; Huisheng Fang
2013A stochastic user equilibrium model based on trip chain analysis under multi-modal guidance赵丹; 邵春福; 岳昊; 李娟; 孟梦
2013A Study on the Factoring Decisions When Bankruptcy Costs Exist张晓建(#); 沈厚才(); 李娟; 陈一凡
2013Acute toxic effect of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens LJ1 on rodents李文明; 谷医林; 王远宏; 李娟; 徐明珠; 梁红春
2015Advances in research on sea level variations in China from 2006 to 2015左军成; 左常圣; 李娟; 陈美香
2017埃罗替尼对小鼠角膜上皮组织病理学及超微结构的影响罗阿丽; 李娟; 杨启晨; 王春宝; 牛静静; 叶蕾; 容蓉; <b>邵毅</b>()
2011Alu-LTR PCR方法检测HAART治疗系列各细胞亚群的整合型HIV-1 DNA李娟; 焦艳梅; 高艳青; 寇卜心; 张彤; 吴昊
2009Alu-LTR PCR检测整合型HIV-1实验方法的优化李娟; 焦艳梅; 画伟; 张彤; 吴昊; 高艳青
2015Amino Acid Salt Catalyzed Asymmetric Synthesis of 1,2-Diols with A Quaternary Carbon Center吴铨铨; 刘淑蕾; 王方媛; 成康; 李娟; 蒋俊
2013Antinociceptive effects of oxymatrine from Sophora flavescens, through regulation of NR2B-containing NMDA receptor-ERK/CREB signaling in a mice model of neuropathic pain王海燕; 李玉香; 顿灵露; 许雅琼; 金少举; 杜娟; 马琳; 李娟; 周茹; 贺晓亮; 孙涛; 余建强
2014Application of superior vena cava Doppler spectra in evaluation of the therapeutic effects of hypobaric hypoxia-induced pulmonary hypertension in rats侯颖; 袁丽君; 蔡文斌; 王跃民; 李娟; 曹铁生; 段云友
2012Assessing the Statistical Significance of Local Sequence Alignment Based on Transformation Score Matrix李娟