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2015Ag(I)和KF共催化炔基硅与二醋酸碘苯的反应(英文)王峰; 邓桂胜
2014Algorithm of infrared polarization image patch registration based on matrix recovery刘晓诚; 薛模根; 黄勤超; 王峰
2014安息香中总三萜成分的含量测定蔡伟杰; 王一波; 朱海琪; 王淑美; 王峰
2016An elastic microporous material with tunable optical property王峰; 朱海霖; 张华鹏; 唐红艳; 陈建勇; 郭玉海
2012An empirical study about the influencing factors that the new business strategy of bank strategic groups on performance – based on 16 listed banks’ panel dada in China banking吴晓云; 王峰
2011Analysis of the Features of Xi’锄Qujiang Cultural Industry Park Operating Mode朱海霞; 杨博; 权东计; 王峰
2013穿山龙总皂苷提取工艺研究王桂香; 赵英日; 崔红花; 王峰; 陈超
2015Constructing Learning Maps for Lecture Videos by Exploring Wikipedia Knowledge王峰
2015Constructing Learning Maps for Lecture Videos by Exploring Wikipedia Knowledge王峰
2013大兴安岭北部岔路口斑岩钼矿床岩浆岩锆石U-Pb年龄及其地质意义刘军; 毛景文; 武广; 罗大锋; 王峰; 周振华; 胡姸青
2015带有抽水压缩气体储能装置的制冷系统李瑞雄; 王飞; 时文刚; 王焕然; 王峰
2013大兴安岭北段岔路口斑岩钼矿床成矿年代学、岩石地球化学及其地质意义刘军; 武广; 王峰; 罗大锋; 胡姸青
2014带加热装置的恒压抽水压缩气体储能系统热力分析王峰; 王焕然; 李瑞雄
2014带加热装置的恒压抽水压缩气体储能系统热力分析王峰; 王焕然; 李瑞雄
2013大兴安岭北段岔路口斑岩钼矿床成矿年代学、岩石地球化学及其地质意义刘军; 武广; 王峰; 罗大锋; 胡妍青
2012Determination of the Hohlraum M-band Fraction by a Shock-Wave Technique on the SGIII-Prototype Laser Facility霍文义; 蓝可; 李永升; 杨冬; 李三伟; 李欣; 吴畅书; 任国利; 赵益清; 邹士阳; 郑无敌; 古培俊; 王敏; 易荣清; 蒋小华; 宋天明; 李志超; 郭亮; 刘永刚; 詹夏宇; 王峰; 彭晓世; 章欢; 杨家敏; 刘慎业; 江少恩; 丁永坤
2014Effect of stretching ratio and heating temperature on structure and performance of PTFE hollow fiber membrane in VMD for RO brine王红杰; 丁闩保; 朱海霖; 王峰; 郭玉海; 张华鹏; 陈建勇
2015Effect of surface hydrophilic modification on the wettability, surface charge property and separation performance of PTFE membrane王峰; 朱海霖; 张华鹏; 唐红艳; 陈建勇; 郭玉海
2015Effect of the highly asymmetric structure on the membrane characteristics and microfiltration performance of PTFE wrapped hollow fiber membrane王峰; 李玖明; 朱海霖; 张华鹏; 唐红艳; 陈建勇; 郭玉海
2015Effects of drip irrigation with mulch on yieldand water productivity in the watermelon-cotton intercropping system强小嫚; 孙景生; 刘浩; 宁慧峰; 王峰