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20122011年秋季华西秋雨异常及成因分析柳艳菊; 孙冷; 孙丞虎; 王遵娅;
201325-GHz-Spaced DWDM-PON With Mitigated Rayleigh Backscattering and Back-Reflection EffectsZhou, Zhao; Xiao, Shilin; Qi, Tao;
20146-Deoxy-13-hydroxy-8,11-dione-dihydrogranaticin B, an intermediate in granaticin biosynthesis, from Streptomyces sp. CPCC 200532江冰娅; 李书芬; 赵薇;
2014艾比湖流域抛物线沙丘表层沉积物粒度特征马倩; 武胜利; 刘永泉;
2014艾比湖流域抛物线形沙丘形态特征马倩; 武胜利; 曾亚娟;
2014艾比湖流域风沙强度特征及其空间差异马倩; 武胜利; 吴烨;
2015艾滋病中医证候学研究方法概述黄毅凌; 艾军; 陈绩锐;
2015安徽省发病鸡群2011~2014年H9亚型禽流感病毒HA基因的遗传进化分析胡晓苗; 胡顺林; 陈鸿志;
2012Analysis of the spacing between retaining piles based on twin shear strength theory soil arching effect in pit陈秋南; 周亚军;
2014Angiopep-Conjugated Electro-Responsive Hydrogel Nanoparticles:Therapeutic Potential for Epilepsy应晓英; Wang Y; Liang J;
2014Bilinear forms and soliton interactions for two generalized KdV equations for nonlinear wavesSun; Yu-Hao; Gao; Yi-Tian(); Meng; Gao-Qing;
2013补肾清毒汤对转基因HBV小鼠血清干扰素-γ水平的影响沈强; 刘亚敏; 徐秋英;
2013补肾清毒汤对转基因HBV小鼠血清干扰素-γ水平的影响沈强; 刘亚敏; 徐秋英;
2012补肾清毒法对慢性乙型肝炎患者外周血树突状细胞表型和功能的影响彭皓均; 沈强; 刘亚敏;
2015补肾活血方对离题培养卵巢颗粒细胞性激素分泌的影响杨正望(#); 刘慧萍; 陈明辉;
2015补肾活血方对卵巢早衰小鼠颗粒细胞凋亡的影响刘慧萍(#); 肖艺; 李玲;
2015Chromium (VI)detoxification by oxidation and flocculation of exopolysaccharides from Arthrobacter sp. B4李玉梅; 李强; 杨凤英; 鲍洁;
2015Comparisonof rotational temperature derived from ground-based OH airglow observationswith TIMED/SABER to evaluate the Einstein coefficients刘伟军; 徐寄遥;
2015Concentricgravity waves over northern China observed by an airglow imager network andsatellites徐寄遥;
2014等离子体喷射触发气体开关多通道放电特性铁维昊; 刘轩东; 刘善红;