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2015A comparative study on beef quality of Chinese Simmental bull and cow郎玉苗; 韩爱云; 董云; 张冷思; 赵金维; 李敬; 王永峰; 孙宝忠
2015Combining ability and genetic effects of physiologic and biochemical traits related to cold tolerance of winter rape ( Brassica rapa L. )刘林波(#); 孙万仓(); 刘自刚; 杨刚; 武军艳; 方彦; 李学才; 侯献飞; 张树娟; 刘海卿; 赵艳宁; 马骊; 钱武; 王凯音; 杨建胜; 董云
2016Critical Index Analysis of Safe Over-wintering Rate of Winter Rapeseed (Brassica rapa) in Cold and Arid Region in North China孙万仓(#); 刘海卿(#); 刘自刚(); 武军艳; 李学才; 方彦; 曾秀存; 许耀照; 张亚宏; 董云
2016Genetic Analysis of Traits Related to Cold Resistance in Winter Rapeseed (Brassica rapa L.)刘林波(#); 孙万仓(); 刘自刚; 武军艳; 方彦; 李学才; 曾秀存; 杨刚; 董云; 陈奇; 方园; 袁金海
2013Influence of hemorrhagic shock on tight junction protein Occludin in intestinal mucosa of rats刘莉; 路小光; 范治伟; 董云; 白黎智; 郭帅
2016Analysis of botanical traits and self-compatibility in winter rapeseed Brassica napus and Brassica rapa and F1hybrid populations赵艳宁(#); 米超; 孙万仓(); 刘自刚; 武军艳; 方彦; 李学才; 刘海卿; 董云
2016Cloning,Sequence Analysis of EsPLGene fromEruca sative Mill方彦; 杨刚; 孙万仓; 武军艳; 刘自刚; 曾秀存; 李学才; 董云