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2016A highly active solid acid for specifically catalyzing di(1-naphthyl)methane hydrocracking in cyclohexane赵美霞; 魏贤勇; 屈萌; 李占库; 刘静; 孔娇; 张栋栋; 闫洪雷; 宗志敏
2015Advances in lignite extraction and conversion under mild conditions李占库; 魏贤勇; 闫洪雷; 王玉高; 孔娇; 宗志敏
2014Alkanolysis simulation of lignite-related model compounds using density functional theory李占库; 宗志敏; 闫洪雷; 王玉高; 魏贤勇; 史大玲; 赵云鹏; 赵长林; 杨竹晟; 樊星
2015Analysis of extractablebasic nitrogen compounds in Buliangou subbituminous coal by positive-ion ESIFT-ICR MS孔娇; 魏贤勇; 闫洪雷; 李占库; 赵美霞; 李艳; 宗志敏
2014Characterization of acidic species in ethanol-soluble portion from Zhaotong lignite ethanolysis by negative-ion electrospray ionization Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry李占库; 宗志敏; 闫洪雷; 王玉高; 倪红星; 魏贤勇; 李艳红
2015Characterization of extracts from Geting bituminous coal李占库; 魏贤勇; 杨竹晟; 闫洪雷; 魏哲昊; 李艳; 宗志敏
2015Identification of basic nitrogen compounds in ethanol-soluble portionfrom Zhaotong lignite ethanolysis by positive-ion electrospray ionizationFourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry李占库; 宗志敏; 闫洪雷; 魏哲昊; 李艳; 魏贤勇
2016Identification of organonitrogen and organooxygen compounds in theextraction residue from Buliangou subbituminous coal by FTICRMS孔娇; 魏贤勇; 李占库; 闫洪雷; 赵美霞; 宗志敏
2015Insight into the structuralfeatures of Zhaotong lignite using multiple techniques李占库; 魏贤勇; 闫洪雷; 宗志敏
2013晋城15号无烟煤的温和氧化(英文)王玉高; 魏贤勇; 闫洪雷; 刘静; 柳方景; 李鹏; 宗志敏
2015Oxidation of Shenmu char powder with aqueous hydrogen peroxide–acetic anhydride王玉高; 魏贤勇; 刘静; 闫洪雷; 魏哲昊; 李艳; 李鹏; 柳方景; 宗志敏
2013Structural features of extraction residues from supercritical methanolysis of two Chinese lignites王玉高; 魏贤勇; 闫洪雷; 史大玲; 柳方景; 李鹏; 樊星; 赵云鹏; 宗志敏