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2014Ag@Fe3O4 nanowire: fabrication, characterization and peroxidase-like activityJunzhi Chen(#); Yuanjun Liu; Guoxing Zhu; Aihua Yuan()
2014Co3O4 nanostructures with a high rate performance as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries,prepared via book-like cobalt-organic frameworksBo Yan(#); Lin Chen; Yuanjun Liu; Guoxin Zhu; Chunguang Wang; Han Zhang; Gang Yang(); Haitao Ye; Aihua Yuan()
2016Design and self-assembly of metal-organic framework-derived porous Co3O4 hierarchical structures for lithium-ion batteriesLongmei Zhang(#); Bo Yan; Junhao Zhang; Yuanjun Liu; Aihua Yuan(); Gang Yang()
2016Effect of catalyst loading on hydrogen storage capacity of ZIF-8/graphene oxide doped with Pt or Pd via spilloverHu Zhou(#); Jian Zhang; Dong Ji; Aihua Yuan(); Xiaoping Shen
2016Eight Zn(II) and Cd(II) complexes based on the aromatic C-centered triangular multicarboxylate and N-donor mixed ligandsAiyang Nie(#); Yongli Tong; Hu Zhou; Lingling Cao; Hui Yu; Chao Shi; Aihua Yuan()
2014Enhanced room-temperature hydrogen storage capacity in Pt-loaded graphene oxide/HKUST-1 compositesHu Zhou(#); Xiaoqing Liu; Jun Zhang; Xiufen Yan; Yuanjun Liu; Aihua Yuan()
2017Facile fabrication of MOF-derived octahedral CuO wrapped 3D graphene network as binder-free anode for high performance lithium-ion batteriesDong Ji(#); Hu Zhou(); Yongli Tong; Jinpei Wang; Meizhou Zhu; Tianhui Chen; Aihua Yuan()
2016Facile synthesis of a metal–organic framework-derived Mn2O3 nanowire coated three-dimensional graphene network for high-performance free-standing supercapacitor electrodesDong Ji(#); Hu Zhou(); Jian Zhang; Yuanyuan Dan; Hongxun Yang; Aihua Yuan()
2013Further Insights into the Role of Temperature in the Synthesis of the Lanthanide(III)-Pyrazine-Octacyanotungstate(V) System: an Example of Discrete Materials .Hu Zhou(#); Guowang Diao(); Xiaozhen Yang; Aihua Yuan(); Min Zhang; Jing Sun
2015High-capacity room-temperature hydrogen storage of zeolitic imidazolate framework/graphene oxide promoted by platinum metalcatalystHu Zhou(#); Jun Zhang; Jian Zhang; Xiufen Yan; Xiaoping Shen; Aihua Yuan()
2017Nickel-Platinum Nanoparticles Supported on Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework/Graphene Oxide as High-Performance Adsorbents for Ambient-Temperature Hydrogen StorageJian Zhang(#); Dong Ji; Hu Zhou(); Xiufen Yan; Aihua Yuan()
2017Porous ZnO/NiO Microspherical Structures Prepared by Thermolysis of Heterobimetallic Metal-Organic Framework as Supercapacitor ElectrodesLongmei Zhang(#); Junhao Zhang(); Yuanjun Liu; Li Zhang; Aihua Yuan()
2014Pt-doped graphene oxide/MIL-101 nanocomposites exhibiting enhanced hydrogen uptake at ambient temperatureJun Zhang(#); Xiaoqing Liu; Hu Zhou; Xiufen Yan; Yuanjun Liu; Aihua Yuan()
2014Sandwich-like octacyanometalate-based cadmium assemblies with the 4,4 '-dipyridyl sulfide ligandDan Yang(#); Hu Zhou; Aihua Yuan(); Yizhi Li
2016Structural conversion and magnetic studies of low-dimensional LnIII/MoV/IV(CN)8 (Ln = Gd-Lu) systems: From helical chain to trinuclear clusterHu Zhou(#); Qi Chen; Hongbo Zhou; Xiaozhen Yang; You Song(); Aihua Yuan()
2015Syntheses, Crystal Structures, and Thermal Expansion Properties of Three-Dimensional Cyanide-Bridged Compounds Zn(4,4-bpy)(H2O)2M(CN)4 (4,4-bpy = 4,4-bipyridine; M = Ni, Pd, Pt)Xiaoyan Tian(#); Aiyun Hu; Aihua Yuan(); Qi Chen; Dan Yang; Feilin Yang
2013Syntheses, structures, and host-guest interactions of 2-D grid-type cyanide-bridged compounds [Zn(L)(H2O)(2)][M(CN)(4)]center dot 3H(2)O (L = N,N '-bis(4-pyridylformamide)-1,4-benzene; M = Ni, Pd or Pt)Aiyun Hu(#); Xin Chen; Hu Zhou; Yingying Chen; Aihua Yuan()
2015Syntheses, structures, and magnetic properties of three manganese(II)-octacyanotungstate(V) bimetallic compounds with linear ligandsFeilin Yang(#); Aihua Yuan(); Hu Zhou; Hongbo Zhou; Dan Yang; You Song(); Yizhi Li
2013Synthesis, Structure, and Characterization of a Microporous Metal-Organic Framework with PtS Topology.Qingfeng Zhang(#); Junhua Luo(); Aihua Yuan()
2013Time-of-diffusion dependent structural diversity in the M-II-phen-tetracyanometalates (M = Zn, Mn) supramolecular system.Aiyun Hu(#); Xin Chen; Yingying Chen; Hu Zhou; Aihua Yuan()