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2013AQP5 is differentially regulated in astrocytes during metabolic and traumatic injuriesRuichao Chai; Jiaohua Jiang; Ann Yuen Kwan Wong; Feng Jiang; Kai Gao; Greg Vatcher; Albert Cheung Hoi Yu
2014Astrocytic exportin-7 responds to ischemia through mediating LKB1 translocation from the nucleus to the cytoplasmHaijie Liang; Ruichao Chai; Xi Li; Jinge Kong; Jiaohua Jiang; Ju Ma; Greg Vatcher; Albert Cheung Hoi Yu
2015Calcium signaling involvement in cadmium-induced astrocyte cytotoxicity and cell death through activation of MAPK and PI3K/Akt signaling pathways.Jiaohua Jiang; Guo Ge; Kai Gao; Ying Pang; Ruichao Chai; Xihua Jia; Jinge Kong; Albert Cheung Hoi Yu
2015Ischemia preconditioning protects astrocytes from ischemic injury through 14-3-3γYing Pang; Ruichao Chai; Kai Gao; Xihua Jia; Jinge Kong; Xiaoqian Chen; Greg Vatcher; Jianguo Chen; Albert Cheung Hoi Yu
2015Positively-charged semi-tunnel is a structural and surface characteristic of polyphosphate binding proteins: An in-silico studyZheng Zachory Wei; Greg Vatcher; Alvin Hok Yan Tin; Junlin Teng; Juan Wang; Qinghua Cui; Jianguo Chen; Albert Cheung Hoi Yu
2013Traumatic scratch injury in astrocytes triggers calcium influx to activate the JNK/c-Jun/AP-1 pathway and switch on GFAP expressionKai Gao; Chenran Wang; Feng Jiang; Ann Yuen Kwan Wong; Na Su; Jiaohua Jiang; Ruichao Chai; Greg Vatcher; Junlin Teng; Jianguo Chen; Yuwu Jiang; Albert Cheung Hoi Yu