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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A multilevel preconditioner and its shared memory implementation for a new generation reservoir simulatorS. Wu; J. Xu; C. Feng; C. Zhang; Q. Li; S. Shu; B. Wang; X. Li; H. Li
2013An evidence-theory model considering dependence among parameters and its application in structural reliability analysisC. Jiang; B. Wang; Z.R. Li; X. Han; D.J. Yu
2014An orthogonal terrain-following coordinate and its preliminary tests using 2-D idealized advection experimentsY. Li; B. Wang; D. Wang
2015Bioinspired Superhydrophobic Fe3O4@Polydopamine@Ag Hybrid Nanoparticles for Liquid Marble and Oil SpillB. Wang; Y. Liu; Y. Zhang; Z. Guo; H. Zhang; J. Xin; L. Zhang
2015Blue and green upconversion emissions of Zr :Nd:LiNbO3 single crystalsZ. H. Tang; S. P. Lin; D. C. Ma; B. Wang
2015Blue and green upconversion emissions of Zr:Nd:LiNbO3 single crystalsRead More: H. Tang; S. P. Lin; D. C. Ma; B. Wang
2014Coexistence of toroidal and polar domains in ferroelectric systems: A strategy for switching ferroelectric vortexW. J. Chen; Yue Zheng; B. Wang; J. Y. Liu
2014Controllability of vortex domain structure in ferroelectric nanodot: Fruitful domain patterns and transformation pathsC. M. Wu; W. J. Chen; Yue Zheng; D. C. Ma; B. Wang; J. Y. Liu; C. H. Woo
2012Critical properties of nanoscale asymmetric ferroelectric tunnel junctions or capacitorsYue Zheng; W. J. Chen; X. Luo; B. Wang; C. H. Woo
2011Determination of land surface heat fluxes over heterogeneous landscape of the Tibetan Plateau by using the MODIS and in-situ dataY. Ma; L. Zhong; B. Wang; W. Ma; X. Chen; M. Li
2013Dissimilar-electrodes-induced asymmetric characteristic and diode effect of current transport in zinc oxide tunnel junctionsG. H. Zhang; Yue Zheng; B. Wang
2011Domain structures of ferroelectric thin film controlled by oxidizing atmosphereD. C. Ma; Yue Zheng; B. Wang; C. H. Woo
2014Effect of mechanical loads on stability of nanodomains in ferroelectric ultrathin films: Towards flexible erasing of the non-volatile memoriesW. J. Chen; Yue Zheng; W. M. Xiong; X. Feng; B. Wang; Y. Wang
2015Effect of neon plasma pre-irradiation on surface morphology and deuterium retention of tungstenL. Cheng; G. De Temmerman; P.A. Zeijlmans van Emmichoven; G. Ji; H.B. Zhou; B. Wang; Y. Yuan; Y. Zhang; G.H. Lu
2013Effects of X-ray irradiation on the structure and field electron emission properties of vertically aligned few-layer grapheneJ.Q. Wu; Y. Zhang; B. Wang; F.T. Yi; S.Z. Deng; N.S. Xu; Jun Chen
2014Electrocaloric properties of ferroelectric-paraelectric superlattices controlled by the thickness of paraelectric layer in a wide temperature rangeD. C. Ma; S. P. Lin; W. J. Chen; Yue Zheng; B. Wang
2014Fabrication of spherically hierarchical structures with ZnO nanowires synthesized on Au and SiO"2 microspheresW.X. Jing; H. Qi; L.L. Niu; Z.D. Jiang; B. Wang; L.J. Chen; F. Zhou; Y.L. Zhao
2013Field emission and photoluminescence of ZnO nanocombsB. Wang; H. Y. Wu; Z. Q. Zheng; Y. H. Yang
2012First-principles calculations of size-dependent giant electro-resistance effect in nanoscale asymmetric ferroelectric tunnel junctionsX. Luo; Yue Zheng; B. Wang