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2015A 3D porous interconnected NaVPO4F/C network: preparation and performance for Na-ion batteriesXu Maowen; Cheng Chuan-Jun; Sun Qiang-Qiang; Bao Shu-Juan; Niu Yu-Bin; He Hong; Li Yutao; Song Jie
2014A facile and well-tailored vanadium oxide porous network for high-capacity electrochemical capacitive energy storageCheng Chuan-Jun; Bao Shu-Juan; Li Chang Ming
2012A facile route for constructing a graphene-chitosan-ZrO2 composite for direct electron transfer and glucose sensingCai Chang-Jun; Xu Mao-Wen; Bao Shu-Juan; Lei Chao; Jia Dian-Zeng
2013A green and facile route for constructing flower-shaped TiO2 nanocrystals assembled on graphene oxide sheets for enhanced photocatalytic activityCai Chang-Jun; Xu Mao-Wen; Bao Shu-Juan; Ji Chen-Chen; Lu Zhen-Jiang; Jia Dian-Zeng
2014An architectural development for energy conversion materials: Morphology-conserved transformation synthesis of manganese oxides and their application in lithium ion batteriesXu Mao-Wen; Niu Yu-Bin; Bao Shu-Juan; Li Chang Ming
2016Analysis of cobalt phosphide (CoP) nanorods designed for non-enzyme glucose detectionSun Qiang-Qiang; Wang Min; Bao Shu-Juan; Wang Yu Chen; Gu Shuang
2014Design and synthesis of carbonized polypyrrole-coated graphene aerogel acting as an efficient metal-free catalyst for oxygen reductionWei Hua; Xu Mao-Wen; Bao Shu-Juan; Yang Fan; Chai Hui
2013Effect of alkaline and alkaline-earth cations on the supercapacitor performance of MnO2 with various crystallographic structuresJi Chen-Chen; Xu Mao-Wen; Bao Shu-Juan; Cai Chang-Jun; Wang Rui-Ying; Jia Dian-Zeng
2013Effects of Reaction Temperature on Microstructure and Advanced Pseudocapacitor Properties of NiO Prepared via Simple Precipitation MethodSun Qiangqiang; Bao Shu-Juan
2012Environment-friendly biomimetic synthesis of TiO2 nanomaterials for photocatalytic applicationBao Shu-Juan; Lei Chao; Xu Mao-Wen; Cai Chang-Jun; Jia Dian-Zeng
2013Environmentally-friendly biomimicking synthesis of TiO2 nanomaterials using saccharides to tailor morphology, crystal phase and photocatalytic activityBao Shu-Juan; Lei Chao; Xu Mao-Wen; Cai Chang-Jun; Cheng Chuan-Jun; Li Chang Ming
2015Experimental investigation of the important influence of pretreatment process of thermally exfoliated graphene on their microstructure and supercapacitor performanceLi Jinjin; Yu Yanan; Bao Shu-Juan; Sun Qiang-qiang
2013Facile preparation of nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide as a metal-free catalyst for oxygen reduction reactionLu Zhen-Jiang; Xu Mao-Wen; Bao Shu-Juan; Tan Kehfarn; Chai Hui; Cai Chang-Jun; Ji Chen-Chen; Zhang Qiang
2015In situ growth of metallic silver on glucose oxidase for a highly sensitive glucose sensorSun Qiang-Qiang; Yu Ya-Nan; Li Jin-Jin; Bao Shu-Juan
2015In situ synthesis and excellent photocatalytic activity of tiny Bi decorated bismuth tungstate nanorodsLu Shi-Yu; Yu Ya-Nan; Bao Shu-Juan; Liao Sheng-Hui
2014MnO2-assisted fabrication of PANI/MWCNT composite and its application as a supercapacitorYang Fan; Xu Maowen; Bao Shu-Juan; Sun Qiang-Qiang
2015Nanostring-cluster hierarchical structured Bi2O3: synthesis, evolution and application in biosensingYu Ya-Nan; Lu Shi-Yu; Bao Shu-Juan; Sun Qiang-Qiang; Liao Sheng-Hui
2013Nitrogen-doped reduced-graphene oxide as an efficient metal-free electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction in fuel cellsLu Zheng-Jiang; Bao Shu-Juan; Gou Yu-Ting; Cai Chang-Jun; Ji Chen-Chen; Xu Mao-Wen; Song Jie; Wang Ruiying
2012One step microwave synthesis and magnetic properties of Co3O4 octahedronsZhang Ping; Hu Guo-Xin; Bao Shu-Juan; Guo Jun; Lei Chao; Cai Chang-Jun; Jia Dian-Zeng; Wang Rui-Ying
2014pH-controllable synthesis of unique nanostructured tungsten oxide aerogel and its sensitive glucose biosensorSun Qiang-Qiang; Bao Shu-Juan