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201520 Mbit/s wirelesscommunication demonstration using terahertz quantum devicesL. Gu; Z. Y. Tan; Q. Z. Wu; C. Wang; J. C. Cao
20176.2-GHz modulated terahertz light detection using fast terahertz quantum well photodetectorsH. Li(#)(); W. J. Wan; <b>Z. Y. Tan</b>; Z. L. Fu; H. X. Wang; T. Zhou; Z. P. Li; C. Wang; X. G. Guo; J. C. Cao()
2016A new approach to identify interplanetary Alfvén waves and to obtain their frequency propertiesH. Li; C. Wang; J. K. Chao; W. C. Hsieh
2014A statistical analysis of heliospheric plasma sheets, heliospheric current sheets, and sector boundaries observed in situ by STEREOLiu, Y. C.-M.; J. Huang; C. Wang; B. Klecker; A. B. Galvin; K. D. C. Simunac; M. A. Popecki; L. Kistler; C. Farrugia; M. A. Lee; H. Kucharek; A. Opitz; J. G. Luhmann; Lan Jian
2011Abnormal nearly homogeneous radiation by slit-grooves structureX. Li; Z. Zhao; Q. Feng; C. Hu; C. Wang; Y. Liu; X. Luo
2015Achieving a weak basal texture in a Mg–6Al–3Sn alloy by wave-shaped die rollingH.Y. Wang; T.T. Feng; L. Zhang; C.G. Liu; Y. Pan; M. Zha; X.L. Nan; C. Wang; Q.C. Jiang
2015Achieving high strength and high ductility in magnesium alloy using hard-plate rolling (HPR) processH.Y. Wang; Z.P. Yu; L. Zhang; C.G. Liu; M. Zha; C. Wang; Q.C Jiang
2011Aerodynamic characteristics of solid particles’ acceleration by shock wavesL. T. Zhang; H. H. Shi; C. Wang; R. L. Dong; H. X. Jia; X. N. Zhang; S. Y. Yue
2015An Ideal Ultrafine-Grained Structure for High Strength and High DuctilityC.X. Huang; W. P. Hu; Q. Y. Wang; C. Wang; G. Yang; Y.T. Zhu
2010Association of genetic variants of NOS1AP with type 2 diabetes in a Chinese populationC. Hu; C. Wang; R. Zhang; M. C. Ng; Y. Bao; C. Wang; W. Y. So; R. C. Ma; X. Ma; J. C. Chan; K. Xiang; W. Jia
2015Atomistic understanding of the origin of high oxygenreduction electrocatalytic activity of cuboctahedral Pt3Co–Ptcore–shell nanoparticlesG. Hu; E. Gracia-Espino; R. Sandstrom; T. Sharifi; S. Cheng; H. Shen; C. Wang; S. Guo; G. Yang; T. Wagberg
2007Automatic matching of high-resolution SAR imagesF. Chen; C. Wang; H. Zhang
2015Base-Promoted Approach to Highly Functionalized Conjugated Dienes through Enamine MigrationY. Zhao; F. Zhang; W. Yao; C. Wang; Y. Liu; Y. Li
2015Base-Promoted Approach to Highly Functionalized Conjugated Dienes through Enamine MigrationY. Zhao; F. Zhang; W. Yao; C. Wang; Y. Liu; <strong>Y. Li</strong>
2012Bow shock and magnetopause contributions to the magnetospheric current system: Hints from the Cluster observationsB. B. Tang; C. Wang; X. C. Guo
2012Characteristics of magnetospheric energetics during geomagnetic stormsH. Li; C. Wang; W. Y. Xu; J. R. Kan
2013China’s international trade and air pollution in the United StatesJ. Lin, D. Pan; S. J. Davis; Q. Zhang; K. He; C. Wang; D. Streets; D. J. Wuebbles; D. Guan
2014Classification of fast flows in central plasma sheet: Superposed epoch analysis based on THEMIS observationsLi, Hui; C. Wang; S. Y. Fu
2010Cloning and Expression Analysis of BPLSPL2, A Novel SBP-Box Gene from Betula PlatyphyllaJ. Wei; C. Wang; J. Jiang; T. Li; G. Sun; C. Yang
2013Computational Peptidology: A New and Promising Approach to Therapeutic Peptide DesignP. Zhou; C. Wang; Y. Ren; C. Yang; F. Tian