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2010A 3D homochiral framework with rare 4^9.6^6 structural topology constructed by unique triple-stranded helicesYanqing Xu; Jinshan Xi; Wei Wei; Yingnan Chi; Changwen Hu
2014Binary Pd–Polyoxometalates and Isolation of a Ternary Pd–V–Polyoxomolybdate Active Species for Selective Aerobic Oxidation of AlcoholsXianqiang Huang; Xiaomei Zhang; Dan Zhang; Song Yang; Xiao Feng; Jikun Li; Zhengguo Lin; Jie Cao; Ran Pan; Yingnan Chi; Bo Wang; Changwen Hu
2013Construction and Properties of Structure- and Size-controlled Micro/nano-Energetic MaterialsBing Huang; Minhua Cao; Fude Nie; Hui Huang; Changwen Hu
2012Controlled solvothermal synthesis of novel organic functionalized polyoxovanadatesBaokuan Chen; Bo Wang; Zhengguo Lin; Linyuan Fan; Yuanzhe Gao; Yingnan Chi; Changwen Hu
2013Controlled Synthesis of Polyoxopalladates, and Their Gas-Phase Fragmentation Study by Electrospray Ionization Tandem Mass SpectrometryZhengguo Lin; Bo Wang; Jie Cao; Baokuan Chen; Chong Xu; Xianqiang Huang; Yanxuan Fan; Changwen Hu
2015Coordination Polymers Based on Substituted Terpyridine Ligands:Synthesis, Structural Diversity, and Highly Efficient and SelectiveCatalytic Oxidation of Benzylic C−H BondsYaru Xi, Wei Wei, Yanqing Xu, Xianqiang Huang, Fanzhou Zhan; Changwen Hu
2014A dual strategy for improving lithium storage performance, a case of Fe"2O"3Xia Wang; Ying Xiao; Changwen Hu; Minhua Cao
2013Enhanced microwave absorbing performance of CoNi alloy nanoparticles anchored on a spherical carbon monolithNa Li; Changwen Hu; Minhua Cao
2013Facile synthesis of ultrafine carbon-coated SnO"2 nanoparticles for high-performance reversible lithium storageBing Liu; Minhua Cao; Xinyu Zhao; Yuan Tian; Changwen Hu
2014High lithium storage capacity and rate capability achieved by mesoporous Co"3O"4 hierarchical nanobundlesYing Xiao; Changwen Hu; Minhua Cao
2014Improving water splitting performance of Cu2O through a synergistic “two-way transfer” process of Cu and grapheneDingkun Zhang; Ding Wei; Zhentao Cui; Shanshan Wang; Song Yang; Minhua Cao; Changwen Hu
2013MgO modified nanoporous carbon composites for methanol separationXiaoyu Ma; Minhua Cao; Changwen Hu
2013A new synthetic approach to functionalize oxomolybdenum complexesBaokuan Chen; Zhengguo Lin; Bo Wang; Xiao Feng; Linyuan Fan; Song Yang; Xianqiang Huang; Changwen Hu
2013A newly-designed polyoxometalate-based plasmonic visible-light catalyst for the photodegradation of methyl blueWenhui Zhou; Minhua Cao; Shuangyue Su; Na Li; Xinyu Zhao; Jiangqiang Wang; Xianghua Li; Changwen Hu
2013One-pot, low-temperature synthesis of self-doped NaTaO3 nanoclusters for visible-light-driven photocatalysisJianqiang Wang; Shuangyue Su; Bing Liu; Minhua Cao; Changwen Hu
2014Organic-functionalized, substituted polyoxovanadium and vanadoniobates: Synthesis, structure and applicationYuanzhe Gao; Yingnan Chi; Changwen Hu
2014Organic-functionalized, substituted polyoxovanadium and vanadoniobates: Synthesis, structure, and applicationYuanzhe Gao; Yingnan Chi; Changwen Hu
2013P25/graphene nanocomposites as a high-performance anode material for lithium ion batteriesYing Xiao; Jinwen Qin; Changwen Hu; Minhua Cao
2010pH-Dependent Assembly of Two Novel Organic–inorganic Hybrids Based on Vanadoantimonate ClustersYuanzhe Gao; Zhangang Han; Yanqing Xu; Changwen Hu
2011Positional disorder of Cu(ii) ions in a cluster: a novel heptanuclear Cu(ii) core supported by 4-bromo-3,5-dimethylpyrazolateYanqing Xu; Peilei Xia; Xiuteng Wang; Wei Wei; Fanzhou Zhang; Changwen Hu