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2015Alterations in heart rate and activity rhythms of three orbital astronauts on a space missionLiu Z; Wan Y; Zhang L; Wang D; Lv K; Wang C; Li Y; Chen X; Chen S; Guo J
2015Altered attention networks in benign childhood epilepsy withcentrotemporal spikes (BECTS): A resting-state fMRI study.Xiao F; Li L; An D; Lei D; Tang Y; Ren J; Chen S; Huang X; Gong Q; Zhou D
2015Angiotensin-(1–7) counteracts angiotensinII-induced dysfunction in cerebral endothelial cells via modulating Nox2/ROS and PI3K/NO pathwaysXiao X; Zhang C; Ma X; Miao H; Wang J; Liu L; Chen S; Zeng R; Chen Y; Bihl JC
2015Angiotensin-(1–7)counteracts the effects of Ang II on vascular smooth muscle cells, vascularremodeling and hemorrhagic stroke: Role of the NF-кBinflammatory pathwayBihl JC; Zhang C; Zhao Y; Xiao X; Ma X; Chen Y; Chen S; Zhao B; Chen Y
2013Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 priming enhances the function of endothelial progenitor cells and their therapeutic efficacyChen J; Xiao X; Chen S; Zhang C; Chen J; Yi D; Shenoy V; Raizada MK; Zhao B; Chen Y
2015Angiotensin-converting enzyme-2 overexpression improves atrial remodeling and function in a canine model ofatrial fibrillation.Zhou T; Wang Z; Fan J; Chen S; Tan Z; Yang H; Yin Y
2015Arsenic sulfide inhibits cell migration and invasion of gastric cancer in vitro and in vivo.Zhang L; Kim S; Ding W; Tong Y; Zhang X; Pan M; Chen S
2015As4S4 Combined with JQ1, Chemotherapy Agents, or Celecoxib Inhibit Gastric and Colon Cancer Cell Growth.Zhang L; Tong Y; Zhang X; Pan M; Chen S
2015Atrial overexpression of angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 improves the canine rapid atrial pacing-induced structural and electrical remodeling. Fan, ACE2 improves atrial substrate remodeling.Fan J; Zou L; Cui K; Woo K; Du H; Chen S; Ling Z; Zhang Q; Zhang B; Lan X; Su L; Zrenner B; Yin Y
2014Cellular stress response and pulmonary inflammationLao X; Chen S; Dai Y; Song Y
2014Changes of TCR repertoire diversity in colorectal cancer after Erbitux (cetuximab) in combination with chemotherapyLuo W; He WT; Wen Q; Chen S; Wu J; Chen XP; Ma L
2015Characteristics ofTCRζ, ZAP-70 and FcεRIγ gene expression in patients with T and NK/T celllymphomaLiao Z; Zhou L; Wang C; He Z; Wang X; Luo X; Chen S; Yang L; Tan H; Li Y
2015Characteristics ofthe TCR Vβ repertoire in imatinib-resistant chronic myeloid leukemia patientswith ABL mutations.Xu L; Lu Y; Lai J; Yu W; Jin Z; Xu Y; Chen J; Zha X; Chen S; Yang L; Li Y
2014Clinical significance of the low expression of FER1L4 in gastric cancer patientsLiu Z; Shao Y; Tan L; Shi H; Chen S; Guo J
2015Co-delivery of proapoptotic peptide and p53 DNA by reduction-sensitive polypeptides for cancer therapyChen S; Rong L; Jia HZ; Qin SY; Zeng X; Zhuo RX
2015Combined Loss of Tet1 and Tet2 Promotes B Cell, but Not Myeloid Malignancies, in MiceZhao Z; Chen L; Dawlaty MM; Pan F; Weeks O; Zhou Y; Cao Z; Shi H; Wang J; Lin L; Chen S; Yuan W; Qin Z; Ni H; Nimer SD; Yang FC; Jaenisch R; Jin P; Xu M
2011Comparative transcriptome sequencing of Germline and Somatic Tissues of the Ascaris suum GonadMa X; Zhu Y; Li C; Shang Y; Meng F; Chen S; Miao L
2013Correlation of Nr4a2 expression with the neuron progenitors in adult zebrafish brainChen S; Luo G; Li T; Le W
2015Cryptococcus Neoformans Infectionand Immune Cell Regulation in HumanMonocytesChen S; Yan H; Zhang L; Kong W; Sun Y; Zhang W; Chen Y; Deng A
2014Deletion of meso-2,3-butanediol Dehydrogenase Gene budC for Enhanced D-2, 3- butanediol Production in Bacillus licheniformisQi G; Kang Y; Li L; Xiao A; Zhang S; Wen Z; Xu D; Chen S