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20151α ,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 inhibits the differentiation and bone resorption by osteoclasts generated from Wistar rat bone marrow-derived macrophagesWang D; Gu JH; Chen Y; Zhao HY; Liu W; Song RL; Bian JC; Liu XZ; Yuan Y; Liu ZP
201523-year manure and fertilitzer application increases organic carbon sequestration of a rice-barley cropping systemWang YD; Hu N; Xu MG; Li ZF; Lou YL; Chen Y; Wu CY; Wang ZL
20155-Aminolevulinic Acid Combined with Sodium Ferrous Citrate Ameliorates H2O2-induced Cardiomyocyte Hypertrophy via Activating the MAPK/Nrf2/HO-1 PathwayZhao MY; Guo H; Chen J; Wang J; Huang H; Zheng S; Hei M; Li J; Huang S; Li J; Ma XT; Chen Y; Zhao L; Zhuang J; Zhu P(通讯作者)
2014A Chitin-like Component on Sclerotic Cells of Fonsecaea pedrosoi Inhibits Dectin-1-mediated Murine Th17 Development by Masking β-glucansDong B; Li D; Li R; Chen SC; Liu W; Chen L; Chen Y; Zhang X; Tong Z; Xia Y; Xia P; Wang Y; Duan Y
2015A clinical survey of pain in Parkinson's disease in Eastern ChinaLin XJ; Yu N; Lin XG; Zhang YF; Chen Y; Zhang K; Wang XS; Liu WG
2015A comparison of two common bile duct ligation methods to establish hepatopulmonary syndrome animal models.Yang Y; Chen B; Chen Y; Zu B; Yi B; Lu K
2014A Golgi-specific protein PAQR3 is closely associated with the progression, metastasis and prognosis of human gastric cancersLing ZQ; Guo W; Lu XX; Zhu X; Hong LL; Wang Z; Wang Z; Chen Y
2015A MDM2-dependent positive-feedback loop is involved in inhibition of miR-375 and miR-106b induced by Helicobacter pylori lipopolysaccharideYe F; Tang C; Shi W; Qian J; Xiao S; Gu M; Dang Y; Liu J; Chen Y; Shi R; Zhang G
2015A Multiple Criteria Model for Comparison of Subjective-Objective Evaluations and Its ApplicationChen Y; Li Y; Sun W; Xu H
2015A Multiple Criteria Model for Comparison of Subjective-Objective Evaluations and Its ApplicationChen Y; Li Y; Sun W; Xu H
2015A point mutation of zebrafish c-cbl gene in the ring finger domainproduces a phenotype mimicking human myeloproliferative disease.Peng XL; Dong M; Ma L; Jia XE; Mao JH; Jin CB; Chen Y; Gao L; Liu XH; Ma K; Lei W; Du TT; Jin Y; Huang QH; Li KQ; Zon LI; Liu TX; Deng M; Zhou Y; Xi XD; Zhou Y; Chen SJ
2014A vascular endothelial growth factor activating transcription factor increases the endothelial progenitor cells population and induces therapeutic angiogenesis in a type 1 diabetic mouse with hindlimb ischemiaDiao Y; Lian L; Guo L; Chen H; Chen Y; Song X; Li YJ
2014Acquired cardiomyopathy caused by cardiac Tsc1 deficiencyChen Y; Wang F; Li C; Wang L; Zhang H; Yan H()
2014Activated microglia contribute to neuronal apoptosis in Toxoplasmic encephalitisZhang YH; Chen H; Chen Y; Wang L; Cai YH; Li M; Wen HQ; Du J; An R; Luo QL; Wang XL; Lun ZR; Xu YH; Shen JL
2015Activation of the NLRP3 inflammasome induces vascular dysfunction in obese OLETF ratsLiu P; Xie H; Wei P; Chen Y; Chen H; Shen W
2015Activity of a novel bactericide, zinc thiazole against Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae in Anhui Province of ChinaChen Y; Yang X; Gu CY; Zhang AF; Zhang Y; Wang WX; Gao TC; Yao J; Yuan SK
2015Advances in the pharmacological activities and mechanisms of diosgeninChen Y; Tang YM; Yu SL; Han YW; Kou JP; Liu BL; Yu BY
2012An Improved Morcellation Procedure for Holmium Laser Enucleation of the ProstateQi C; Chen Y; Zhong Wang; Peng Y; Zheng D; Cai Z; Li W; Zhou J
2013Analysis of High-Altitude De-Acclimatization Syndrome after Exposure to High Altitudes: A Cluster-Randomized Controlled TrialHe BF; Wang JC; Qian GS; Hu MD; Qu XM; Wei ZH; Li J; Chen Y; Chen HP; Zhou QQ; Wang GS
2014Analysis of pore structure of Lonamaxi shale using the mercury intrusion porosimetry techniqueLin B; Jiang Z; Chen Y; Chen M; Jin Y; Hou B