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2017Ablation of PPP1R3G reduces glycogen deposition and mitigates high-fat diet induced obesityZhang Y(#); Gu J; Wang L; Zhao Z; Pan Y; Chen Y()
2013Blunt liver injury with intact ribs under impacts on the abdomen: a biomechanical investigationShao Y(#); Zou D(#); Li Z; Wan L; Qin Z; Liu N; Zhang J; Zhong L; Huang P(); Chen Y()
2014C-kit induces epithelial-mesenchymal transition and contributes to salivary adenoid cystic cancer progressionTang Y(#); Fan Y(#); Jiang J(#); Li K; Zheng M; Chen W; Ma X; Geng N; Chen Q; Chen Y(); Liang X()
2013Finite element analysis of pedestrian lower limb fractures by direct force: the result of being run over or impact?Li Z(#); Zou D(#); Liu N; Zhong L; Shao Y; Wan L; Huang P(); Chen Y()
2016PAQR3 enhances Twist1 degradation to suppress epithelial-mesenchymal transition and metastasis of gastric cancer cellsGuo W(#); You X; Xu D; Zhang Y; Wang Z; Man K.; Wang Z; Chen Y()
2014PE‑induced apoptosis in SMMC‑7721 cells: involvement of Erk and Stat signalling pathwaysXue L; Li M; Chen T; Sun H; Zhu J; Li X; Wu F; Wang B; Li J; Chen Y()
2013Prevalence of coronary artery ectasia in older adults and the relationship with epicardial fat volume by cardiac computed tomography angiographyJun-Jie Yang; Xia Yang; Zhi-Ye Chen; Qi Wang; Bai He; Luo-Shan Du; Chen Y()
2015The dopamine D3 receptor regulates the effects of Methamphetamine on LPS-induced cytokine production inmurine mast cellsXue L(#); Li X; Ren H; Wu F; Li M; Wang B; Chen F; Chen W; Li J; Chen Y(); Chen T()