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2015Analysis of structure, function and epitopes of Spirometra erinaceieuropaei casein kinase ILiu, L. N.; Wang, Z. Q.; Zhang, X.; Jiang, P.; Zhang, Z. F.; Zhang, G. Y.; Cui, J.
2015Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (CMUTs) for Underwater Imaging ApplicationsSong, J.L.; Xue, C.Y.; He, C.D.; Zhang, R.; Mu, L.F.; Cui, J.; Miao, J.; Liu, Y.; Zhang, W.D.
2015Clinical and etiological study of a small familiar outbreak of trichinellosis in Tibet, ChinaWang, Z. Q.; Ciren; Ren, H. J.; Li, L. Z.; Cui, J.
2013Compositional effects in Titan's thermospheric gravity wavesCui, J.; Lian, Y.; Mueller-Wodarg, I.C.F.
2012Correlation between Oxidative Stress and L-type Calcium Channel Expression in the Ventricular Myocardia of Selenium-deficient MiceCui, J.; Zhong, R.; Chu, E.; Zhang, X.F.; Zhang, W.G.; Fang, C.F.; Dong, Q.; Li, F.L.; Li, H
2015Day-to-night transport in the Martian ionosphere: Implications from total electron content (TEC) measurementsCui, J.; Galand, M.; Yelle, R.V.; Wei, Y.; Zhang, S.-J.
2009Formation of planar defects over GeSi islands in Si capping layer grown at low temperatureLin, J. H.; Wu, Y. Q.; Cui, J.; Fan, Y. L.; Yang, X. J.; Jiang, Z. M.; Chen, Y.; Zou, J
2015Ionization balance in Titan's nightside ionosphereVigren, E.; Galand, M.; Yelle, R.V.; Wellbrock, A.; Coates, A.J.; Snowden, D.S.; Cui, J.; Lavvas, P.; Edberg, N.J.T.; Shebanits, O.; Wahlund, J.-E.; Vuitton, V.; Mandt, K.
2014Serological survey for sparganum infection in people of central ChinaWang, Z. Q.; Lin, X. M.; Zhang, H. W.; Xu, B. L.; Zhang, X.; Jiang, P.; Cui, J.
2005Shape change of SiGe islands with initial Si cappingWu, Y. Q.; Li, F. H.; Cui, J.; Lin, J. H.; Wu, R.; Qin, J.; Zhu, C. Y.; Fan, Y. L.; Yang, X. J.; Jiang, Z. M
2012The CH4 structure in Titan's upper atmosphere revisitedCui, J.; Yelle, R.V.; Strobel, D.F.; Mueller-Wodarg, I.C.F.; Snowden, D.S.; Koskinen, T.T.; Galand, M.
2015The effects of a propofol/alfentanil admixture on total intravenous anaesthesia in dogs undergoing splenectomyJia, N.; Zhao, C.; Wang, L.; Li, Y.; Cui, J.; Cao, S.; Li, R.; Wang, C.; Wu, Y.; Wen, A.
2015The electron thermal structure in the dayside Martian ionosphere implied by the MGS radio occultation dataCui, J.; Galand, M.; Zhang, S.-J.; Vigren, E.; Zou, H.
2012The Solar Wind interactions with Lunar Magnetic Anomalies: A case study of the Chang';E-2 plasma data near the Serenitatis antipodeWang, X.-Q.; Cui, J.; Wang, X.-D.; Liu, J.-J.; Zhang, H.-B.; Zuo, W.; Su, Y.; Wen, W.-B.; Reme, H.; Dandouras, I.; Aoustin, C.; Wang, M.; Tan, X.; Shen, J.; Wang, F.; Fu, Q.……