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2014Assessment of therapeutic efficacy of miR-126 with contrast-enhanced ultrasound in preeclampsia ratsYan T; Zou L; Cui K; Huang X; Ding S; Zheng Y; Luo Q
2015Atrial overexpression of angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 improves the canine rapid atrial pacing-induced structural and electrical remodeling. Fan, ACE2 improves atrial substrate remodeling.Fan J; Zou L; Cui K; Woo K; Du H; Chen S; Ling Z; Zhang Q; Zhang B; Lan X; Su L; Zrenner B; Yin Y
2015Comparison of chemical, electrical, andcombined activation methods for in vitro matured porcine oocytesLiu S; Cui K; Li HL; Sun JM; Lu XR; Shen KY; Liu QY(); Shi DS
2015Controlled Slow-Release Drug-Eluting Stents for the Prevention of Coronary Restenosis: Recent Progress and Future ProspectsHu T; Yang J; Cui K; Rao Q; Yin T; Tan L; Zhang Y; Li Z; Wang G
2015Generation of Foxo3-targeted Miceby Injection of mRNAs Encoding Transcription Activator-like Effector Nucleases(TALENs) into ZygotesZhu P; Liu Q(#); Liu S; Su X; Feng W; Lei X; Liu J; Cui K; Huang B; Shi D
2016Seed Priming in Dry Direct-seeded Rice: Consequences for Emergence, Seedling Growth and Associated Metabolic Events under Drought StressZheng M; Tao Y; Hussain S; Jiang Q; Peng S; Huang J; Cui K; Nie L
2015SND1 acts downstream of TGFβ1 and upstream of Smurf1 to promote breast cancer metastasis.Yu L; Liu X; Cui K; Di Y; Xin L; Sun X; Zhang W; Yang X; Wei M; Yao Z; Yang J
2014Ultrasound microbubble-mediated delivery of integrin-linked kinase gene improves endothelial progenitor cells dysfunction in pre-eclampsia.Cui K; Zou L; Yan T; Luo QQ; Zheng YF; Liu XX; Huang XY