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2013Effect of a nonuniform magnetic field on the Landau states in a biased AA-stacked graphene bilayerDali Wang; Guojun Jin
2012Model of Hormesis and Its Toxicity Mechanism Based on Quorum Sensing: A Case Study on the Toxicity of Sulfonamides to Photobacterium phosphoreumZiqing Deng; Zhifen Lin; Xiaoming Zou; Zhifeng Yao; Dayong Tian; Dali Wang; Daqiang Yin
2014Study on the variation rules of the joint effects for multicomponent mixtures containing cyanogenic toxicants and aldehydes based on the transition state theoryWeiying Li; Dayong Tain; Zhifen Lin; Dali Wang; Hongxia Yu
2014Surfactants present complex joint effects on the toxicities of metal oxide nanoparticlesDali Wang; Zhifen Lin; Zhifeng Yao; Hongxia Yu
2016The Comparison of the Combined Toxicity between Gramnegativeand Gram-positive Bacteria: a Case Study ofAntibiotics and Quorum-sensing InhibitorsDali Wang; Zhifen Lin; Xiruo Ding; Jingyun Hu; Ying Liu
2014The joint effects on Photobacterium phosphoreum of metal oxide nanoparticles and their most likely coexisting chemicals in the environmentDali Wang; Ya Gao; Zhifen Lin; Zhifeng Yao; Weixian Zhang
2012Using molecular docking between organic chemicals and lipid membrane to revise the well known octanol-water partition coefficient of the mixtureTing Wang; Xianghong Zhou; Dali Wang; Daqiang Yin; Zhifen Lin
2016Whatare the differences between aerobic and anaerobic toxic effects of sulfonamideson Escherichia coli?Mengnan Qin; Zhifen Lin; Dali Wang; Xi Long; Min Zheng; Yanling Qiu