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2015Are past and future symmetric in mental time line?Ding X; Feng N; Cheng X; Liu H; Fan Z
2014Autophagy: a potential novel mechanistic contributor to atrial fibrillationYuan Y; Zhao J; Yan S; Wang D; Zhang S; Yun F; Zhao H; Sun L; Liu G; Ding X; Liu L; Li Y
2014Changes in glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase expression results in altered behavior of HBV-associated liver cancer cells.Hu H; Ding X; Yang Y; Zhang H; Li H; Tong S; An X; Zhong Q; Liu X; Ma L; Liu Q; Liu B; Lu Z; Zhang D; Hu P; Ren H
2014Chronic obstructive sleep apnea causes atrial remodeling in canines: mechanisms and implicationsZhao J; Xu W; Yun F; Zhao H; Li W; Gong Y; Yuan Y; Yan S; Zhang S; Ding X; Wang D; Zhang C; Dong D; Xiu C; Yang N; Liu L; Xue J; Li Y
2015Composite body movements modulate numerical cognition: Evidence from the motion–numerical compatibility effectCheng X; Ge H; Andoni D; Ding X; Fan Z
2013Disturbance of copper homeostasis is a mechanism for homocysteine-induced vascular endothelial cell injuryDong D; Wang B; Yin W; Ding X; Yu J; <b>Kang YJ</b>()
2015Hydrogen sulfide reduces serum triglyceride by activating liver autophagy via the AMPK-mTOR pathwaySun L; Zhang S; Yu C; Pan Z; Liu Y; Zhao J; Wang X; Yun F; Zhao H; Yan S; Yuan Y; Wang D; Ding X; Liu G; Li W; Zhao X; Liu Z; Li Y
2013LncRNA expression profile in human gastric cancer and its clinical significancesSong H; Sun W; Ye G; Ding X; Liu Z; Zhang S; Xia T; Xiao B; Xi Y; Guo J
2015Metoprolol inhibits cardiac apoptosis and fibrosis in a canine model of chronic obstructive sleep apneaLi W; Yan S; Zhao J; Ding X; Zhang S; Wang D; Liu L; Peng W; Li H; Wang D; Liu Z; Li Y
2015Modul-ation of transcranial focusing thermal deposition in nonlinear HIFU brain surgery by numerical simulationDing X; Wang YZ; Zhang Q; Zhou WZ; Wang PG; Luo MY; Jian XQ
2014Molecular basis underlyinghistone H3 lysine-arginine methylation pattern readout by Spin/Ssty repeats of Spindlin1Su X; ZhuG; Ding X; Zhu B; Wu Wei; Li H
2013Pathogen blocks host death receptor signaling by arginine GlcNAcylation of death domainsLi S; Zhang L; Yao Q; Li L; Dong N; Rong J; Gao W; Ding X; Sun L; Chen X; Chen S; Shao F.()
2013Pathogen blocks host death receptor signalling by arginine GlcNAcylation of death domainsLi S; Zhang L; Yao Q; Li L; Dong N; Rong J; Gao W; Ding X; Sun L; Chen X; Chen S; Shao F
2015Priming maize resistance by its neighbors: activating 1,4-benzoxazine-3-ones synthesis and defense gene expression to alleviate leaf diseaseDing X; Yang M; Huang H C; Chuan Y C; He X H; Li C Y; Zhu Y Y; Zhu S S
2015Relationship between cigarette smoking and radiographic knee osteoarthritis in Chinese population: a cross-sectional studyZhang Y; Zeng C; Li H; Yang T; Deng Z H; Yang Y; Ding X; Xie D X; Wang Y L; Lei G H
2015Spexin peptide is expressed in human endocrine and epithelial tissues and reduced after glucose load in type 2 diabetes.Gu L(#); Ma Y; Gu M; Zhang Y; Yan S; Li N; Wang Y; Ding X; Yin J; Fan N; <b>Peng Y</b>()
2015Toxoplasma gondii prevalent in China induce weaker apoptosis of neural stem cells C17.2 via endoplasmic reticulum stress (ERS) signaling pathwaysZhou J; Gan X; Wang Y; Zhang X; Ding X; Chen L; Du J; Luo Q; Wang T; Shen J; Yu L
2013Up-regulation of SUMO1 pseudogene 3 (SUMO1P3) in gastric cancer and its clinical associationMei D; Song H; Wang K; Lou Y; Sun W; Liu Z; Ding X; Guo J
2015Variants of the CLOCK gene affect the risk of idiopathic male infertility in the Han-Chinese populationShen O; Ding X; Nie J; Xia Y; Wang X; Tong J; Zhang J