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2012A thermokinetic description of nanoscale grain growth: Analysis of the activation energy effectZ. Chen; F. Liu; X.Q. Yang; C.J. Shen
2012Activation of the ERK1/2 pathway by the CaMEK gene via adeno-associated virus serotype 9 in cardiomyocytesY.-N. Yang; W.-N. Ji; Y.-T. Ma; X.-M. Li; B.-D. Chen; Y. Xiang; F. Liu
2012An extended analytical model for solid-state phase transformation upon continuous heating and cooling processes: Application in gamma/alpha transformationY.H. Jiang; F. Liu; S.J. Song
2014Analysis of elastic–plastic accommodation due to volume misfit upon solid-state phase transformationS.J. Song; F. Liu; Z.H. Zhang
2014Analysis of elastic–plastic accommodation due to volume misfitupon solid-state phase transformationS.J. Song; F. Liu; Z.H. Zhang
2013Application of the maximal entropy production principle to rapid solidification: A multi-phase-field modelH.F. Wang; F. Liu; G.J. Ehlen; D.M. Herlach
2012Application of the maximal entropy production principle to rapid solidification: A sharp interface modelH.F. Wang; F. Liu; H.M. Zhai; K. Wang
2015CO Oxidation over Strained Pt(100) Surface: A DFT StudyF. Liu; C. Wu; G. Yang; S. Yang
2015Comparative study on crystallization characteristics of amorphousGe2Sb2Te5films by an ultraviolet laser radiation and isothermalannealingZ. Zhu; F.R. Liu; Z.M. Wang; Z.K. Fan; F. Liu; N.X. Sun
2014Comparison of up-converted emissions in Yb^3^+, Er^3^+ co-doped Gd"2(WO"4)"3 and Gd"2WO"6 phosphorsM. Sun; L. Ma; B.J. Chen; F. Stepongzi; F. Liu; Z.W. Pan; M.K. Lei; X.J. Wang
2012Complete sequence analysis of mitochondrial DNA of aplastic anemia patientsX. Cui; F. Liu; J.Q. Wang; W.J. Zhang; J.Y. Wang; K. Liu; S.Y. Cui; J. Zhang; R.R. Xu
2015Demonstration of self-truncated ionization injection for GeV electron beamsM. Mirzaie; S. Li; M. Zeng; N. A. M. Hafz; M. Chen; G. Y. Li; Q. J. Zhu; H. Liao; T. Sokollik; F. Liu; Y. Y. Ma; L.M. Chen; Z. M. Sheng; J. Zhang
2012Effect of micro-arc oxidation surface modification on the properties of the NiTi shape memory alloyJ. L. Xu; Z. C. Zhong; D. Z. Yu; F. Liu; J. M. Luo
2014Energy and centrality dependence of chemical freeze-out thermodynamics parametersN. Yu; F. Liu
2015Enhanced optical properties and the origin of carriers transport in BiFeO3/TiO2 heterostructures with 109° domain wallsHong-Jian Feng; M. Wang; F. Liu; B. Duan; J. Tian; X. Guo
2015Eutectic dendrite growth in undercooled Fe83B17 alloy: Experimentsand modelingW.W. Kuang; C. Karrasch; H.F. Wang; F. Liu; D.M. Herlach
2013Event-plane decorrelation over pseudorapidity and its effect on azimuthal anisotropy measurements in relativistic heavy-ion collisionsK. Xiao; F. Liu; F. Wang
2015Fast Photoresponse from 1T Tin Diselenide Atomic LayersP. Yu; X. Yu; W. Lu; H. Lin; L. Sun; K. Du; F. Liu; W. Fu; Q. Zeng; Z. Shen
2015Hardening effects in plastically deformed Pd with the addition of HY.Z. Chen; X.Y. Ma; X.H. Shi; T. Suo; C. Borchers; K.H. Zhang; F. Liu; R. Kirchheim
2015Heterogeneous nucleation of Mg2Si on CaSb2 nucleus in Al-Mg-Si alloysH.C. Yu; H.Y. Wang; L. Chen; F. Liu; C. Wang; Q.C. Jiang