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2017Designing magnetic compensated states in tetragonal Mn3Ge-based Heusler alloysY. You; G. Xu(); F. Hu; Y. Gong; E. Liu; G. Peng; F. Xu()
2015Effect of atomic order on the phase transitions of melt-spunNi50Mn35In15 ribbonsJ. Liu(#); Z. Q. Liao; F. Xu(); W. Tan
2016Grain growth study of perovskite thin films prepared by flash evaporation and its effect on solar cell performanceH. T. Xu; Y. L. Wu; F. Z. Xu; J. B .Zhu; C. W. Ni; W. Z. Wang; F. Hong; R. Xu(); F. Xu(); J. Huang; L. J. Wang()
2017Highly-dispersive spin gapless semiconductors in rare-earth-element contained quaternaryG. Xu; Y. You; Y. Gong; E. Liu; F. Xu(); W. Wang
2017Large reversible magnetostriction in B-substituted MnCoSi alloy at room temperatureY. Gong; J. Liu; G. Xu; F. Xu(); D. Wang
2015Magnetization reversal mechanism in notchedelliptic Co ringsZ. Xu(#); F. Xu()
2015Phase transition and magnetocaloric properties of Ni50Mn35-xIn15Cux bulk alloys and ribbonsJ. Liu; X. Fei; Y. Gong; F. Xu()
2015PhaseTransition of Ball-Milled Ni50-xMn37In13Cox (x=0,5) Alloy PowdersX. P. Fei(#); W. Li; J. Liu; F. Xu(); G. Tang; W. Tan; S. Li
2016Realization of magnetostructural coupling by modifying structural transitions in MnNiSi-CoNiGe system with a wide Curie temperature windowJ. Liu; Y. Gong; G. Xu; G. Peng; I.A. Shah; Najam ul Hassan; F. Xu()
2015Tuning of the microwave magnetization dynamicsin CoZr-based thin films by Nd-dopingZ. Xu(#); Y. Yin; F. Xu(); Q. Xu; D. Wang; S. Li