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2012Catalyzed Ozonation Decomposition of Taste and Odor-Causing Substances in Water and Simultaneous Control of Aldehyde GenerationFei Qi; Bingbing Xu; Sha Li; Zhonglin Chen; Liqiu Zhang; Dezhi Sun
2010Comparison of N-nitrosodiethylamine degradation in water by UV irradiation and UV/O"3: Efficiency, product and mechanismBingbing Xu; Zhonglin Chen; Fei Qi; Jun Ma; Fengchang Wu
2014A coordinated investigation of the combustion chemistry of diisopropyl ketone, a prototype for biofuels produced by endophytic fungiJoshua W. Allen; Adam M. Scheer; Connie W. Gao; Shamel S. Merchant; Subith S. Vasu; Oliver Welz; John D. Savee; David L. Osborn; Changyoul Lee; Stijn Vranckx; Zhandong Wang; Fei Qi; Ravi X. Fernandes; William H. Green; Masood Z. Hadi; Craig A. Taatjes
2013An experimental and kinetic modeling investigation on a rich premixed n-propylbenzene flame at low pressureZhandong Wang; Yuyang Li; Feng Zhang; Lidong Zhang; Wenhao Yuan; Yizun Wang; Fei Qi
2014Experimental and kinetic modeling study of PAH formation in methane coflow diffusion flames doped with n-butanolHanfeng Jin; Alberto Cuoci; Alessio Frassoldati; Tiziano Faravelli; Yizun Wang; Yuyang Li; Fei Qi
2013Experimental and kinetic modeling study of tetralin pyrolysis at low pressureYuyang Li; Lidong Zhang; Zhandong Wang; Lili Ye; Jianghuai Cai; Zhanjun Cheng; Fei Qi
2012Experimental and modeling study of the effects of adding oxygenated fuels to premixed n-heptane flamesGen Chen; Wu Yu; Jin Fu; Jun Mo; Zuohua Huang; Jiuzhong Yang; Zhandong Wang; Hanfeng Jin; Fei Qi
2015Influence of charring agent on the flame retardancy and thermal properties of polypropylene compositesMan Chen; Mengqi Tang; Fei Qi; Yonghong Ma; Xiaolang Chen; Jun Qin; Zhibin Zhang; Weidi He
2014Isolation and expression analysis ofCu/Zn superoxide dismutase genes from three Caragana speciesWenbo Zhang; Ningning Li; Fei Qi; Xin Chen; Jin Hao; Chaoran Yu; Xiaofei Lin
2010Mechanism investigation of catalyzed ozonation of 2-methylisoborneol in drinking water over aluminum (hydroxyl) oxides: Role of surface hydroxyl groupFei Qi; Bingbing Xu; Zhonglin Chen; Liqiu Zhang; Panyue Zhang; Dezhi Sun
2012Non-local spatial redundancy reduction for bottom-up saliency estimationJinjian Wu; Fei Qi; Guangming Shi; Yongheng Lu
-Pyrolysis study on solid fuels: from conventional analytical methods to synchrotron vacuum ultraviolet photoionization mass spectrometryYu Wang; Yanan Zhu; Zhongyue Zhou; Jiuzhong Yang; Yang Pan; Fei Qi
2014Removal Performance and Mechanism of Ibuprofen from Water by Catalytic Ozonation Using Sludge-Corncob Activated Carbon as CatalystHongjuan Wang; Liqiu Zhang; Fei Qi; Xue Wang; Lu Li; Li Feng
2012Self-similarity based structural regularity for just noticeable difference estimationJinjian Wu; Fei Qi; Guangming Shi
2013Structure guided fusion for depth map inpaintingFei Qi; Junyu Han; Pengjin Wang; Guangming Shi; Fu Li