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20152D double-layer-tube- shaped structure Bi2S3/ZnS heterojunction with enhanced photocatalytic activitiesXiaoming Gao; Zihang Wang; Feng Fu; Wenhong Li
20143D Hierarchical Microspheres of Cu- Synthesis, Characterization, and Enhanced ActivityXiaoming Gao; Feng Fu; Wenhong Li
2014A 3D cadmium(II) coordination polymer constructed from new β-diketone-functionalized pyridinecarboxylate and 4,4′-bipyridine ligandsQing Chen; Xiao-Li Chen; Huai-Ming Hu; Hui-Ming Shu; Feng Fu; Meng-Lin Yang; Gang-Lin Xue
2009Assembly of two novel cadmium(II) supramolecular architectures constructed from pyridine-functionalized 1,10-phenanthroline ligandXiao-Li Chen; Zhong-Xi Han; Huai-Ming Hu; Ji-Jiang Wang; Shuan-Hu Chen; Feng Fu; Na Li; Meng-Lin Yang; Gang-Lin Xue
2015Direct Evidence that Myocardial Insulin Resistance following Myocardial Ischemia Contributes to Post-Ischemic Heart FailureFeng Fu; ; Kun Zhao; Jia Li et al.
2015Eco-friendly wood-based solid-state flexible supercapacitors from wood transverse section slice and reduced graphene oxideShaoyi Lv; Feng Fu; Siqun Wang; Jingda Huang; La Hu
2015Effective adsorption of phenol from aqueous solutions on activated semi-cokeXiaoming Gao; Xiang Zhai; Zihang Wang; Feng Fu; Wenhong Li
2010Effects of heterogeneous wealth distribution on public cooperation with collective riskJing Wang; Feng Fu; Long Wang
2015Effects of pH on the hierarchical structures and photocatalytic performance of Cu-doped BiVO4 prepared via the hydrothermal methodXiaoming Gao; Zihang Wang; Feng Fu; Wenhong Li
2010Evolution of Cooperation on Stochastic Dynamical NetworksBin Wu; Da Zhou; Feng Fu; Qingjun Luo; Long Wang; Arne Traulsen
2011Imperfect Vaccine Aggravates the Long-Standing Dilemma of Voluntary VaccinationBin Wu; Feng Fu; Long Wang
2015Magnolol Administration in NormotensiveYoung Spontaneously Hypertensive RatsPostpones the Development of Hypertension:Role of Increased PPAR Gamma, ReducedTRB3 and Resultant Alleviative VascularInsulin ResistanceXiangyan Liang; Wenjuan Xing; Jinxiao He; Feng Fu; Wei Zhang; Feifei Su; Fang Liu; Lele Ji; Feng Gao; Hui Su; Xin Sun; Haifeng Zhang
2014Nonlinear Inverse Reinforcement Learning with Mutual Information and Gaussian ProcessDe C. Li; Yu Q. He; Feng Fu
2014Nonlinear Inverse Reinforcement Learning with Mutual Information and Gaussian ProcessDe C. Li; Yu Q. He; Feng Fu
2010A Novel Self-assembled Dodecameric Water Cluster Stabilized by a Citrate-Bridged Copper(II) CompoundFeng Fu; Yapan Wu; Ziwei Gao; Dongsheng Li; Long Tang
2015Novel wood-based all-solid-state flexible supercapacitors fabricated with a natural porous wood slice and polypyrroleShaoyi Lv; Feng Fu; Siqun Wang,; Jingda Huanga; La Hu
2014Semen cassiae attenuates myocardial ischemia and reperfusion injury in high-fat diet streptozotocin-induced type2 diabetic rats.Feng Fu; Fei Tian; Heping Zhou; Weifeng Lv; Ru Tie; Lele Ji; Rong Li; Zhenwei Shi; Liming Yu; Xiangyan Liang; Wenjuan Xing; Jinliang Xing; Jun Yu; Lijun Sun; Hailong Zhu……
2011A series of lanthanide coordination polymers with 4'-(4-carboxyphenyl)-2,2':6',2''-terpyridine: Syntheses, crystal structures and luminescence propertiesQing-Ran Wu; Ji-Jiang Wang; Huai-Ming Hu; Yi-Qing Shangguan; Feng Fu; Meng-Lin Yang; Fa-Xin Dong; Gang-Lin Xue
2015The Synthesize of Lanthanide doped BiVO4 and Its Enhanced Photocatalytic ActivityXiaoming Gao; Zihang Wang; Xiang Zhai; Feng Fu; Wenhong Li
2010Two novel cadmium(II) coordination polymers based on bis-functionalized ligand 4'-(4-carboxyphenyl)-2, 2':6', 2''-terpyridineQing-Ran Wu; Ji-Jiang Wang; Huai-Ming Hu; Bao-Cheng Wang; Xing-Long Wu; Feng Fu; Dong-Sheng Li; Meng-Lin Yang; Gang-Lin Xue