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2015Abiotic CO2 exchange between soil andatmosphere and its response to temperatureLiu JB; Feng W; Zhang YQ; Jia X; Wu B; Qin SG; Fa KY; Lai ZR
2015APOE genotype affects cognitive trainingresponse in healthy Shanghai community-dwelling elderly individualsFeng W; Yokoyama JS; Yu SY; Chen Y; Cheng Y; Bonham LW; Wa
2015APOEGenotype Affects Cognitive Training Response in Healthy ShanghaiCommunity-Dwelling Elderly IndividualsFeng W; Yokoyama JS; Yu S; Chen Y; Cheng Y; Bonham LW; Wang D; Shen Y; Wu W; Li C
2016Clearance ofsenescent cells by ABT263 rejuvenates aged hematopoietic stem cells in miceChang J; Wang Y; Shao L; Laberge RM; Demaria M; Campisi J; Janakiraman K; Sharpless NE; Ding S; Feng W; Luo Y; Wang X; Aykin-Burns N; Krager K; Ponnappan U; Hauer-JensenM; Meng A……
2015CO2 absorption of sandy soil induced by rainfallpulses in a desert ecosystemFa KY; Liu JB; Zhang YQ; Wu B; Qin SG; Feng W; Lai ZR
-Decreased Frequency of IL-17F rs763780 Site Allele G is Associated With Genetic Susceptibility to Immune Thrombocytopenia in a Chinese Population.Li H; Zhou Z; Tai W; Feng W; Zhang D; Gu X; Yang R
2014Double positive CD4+CD8+ T cells: key suppressive role in the production of auto-antibodies in systemic lupus erythematosusWu Y; Cai B; Feng W; Yang B; Huang Z; Zuo C; Wang L
2015Effect of vegetation rehabilitation on soil carbon andits fractions in Mu Us Desert, Northwest ChinaLiu JB; Zhang YQ; Wu B; Qin SG; Jia X; Fa KY; Feng W; Lai ZR
2014Effects of conservatively treated diseased cementum with or without EMD on in vitro cementoblast differentiation and in vivo cementum-like tissue formation of human periodontal ligament cells.Qi Y; Feng W; Cai J; Sun Q; Li S; Li M; Song A; Yang P
2015Generation of Foxo3-targeted Miceby Injection of mRNAs Encoding Transcription Activator-like Effector Nucleases(TALENs) into ZygotesZhu P; Liu Q(#); Liu S; Su X; Feng W; Lei X; Liu J; Cui K; Huang B; Shi D
2013Silybin-Mediated Inhibition of Notch Signaling Exerts Antitumor Activity in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma CellsZhang S; Yang Y; Liang Z; Duan W; Yang J; Yan J; Wang N; Feng W; Ding M; Nie Y(); Jin Z
2014Total body irradiationcauses long-term mouse BM injury via induction of HSC premature senescence inan Ink4a- and Arf-independent manner.Shao L; Feng W; Li H; Gardner D; Luo Y; Wang Y; Liu L; Meng A; Sharpless NE; 周道洪