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2014Constituting fully integrated visual analysis system for Cu(II) on TiO2/cellulose paperShun-Xing Li; Xiaofeng Lin; Feng-Ying Zheng; Wenjie Liang; Yanxue Zhong; Jiabai Cai
2013Effect of edible plants combination on mineral bioaccessibility and bioavailability, using in vitro digestion and liposome-affinity extractionFeng-Ying Zheng; Li-Hui Chen; Shun-Xing Li; Ya-Qing Qiu
2016Effect of nitrate enrichment and diatoms on the bioavailability ofFe(III) oxyhydroxide colloids in seawaterFeng-Jiao Liu; Bang-Qin Huang; Shun-Xing Li; Feng-Ying Zheng; Xu-Guang Huang
2014Influence of Eutrophication on Metal Bioaccumulation and Oral Bioavailability in Oysters, Crassostrea angulataShun-Xing Li; Li-Hui Chen; Feng-Ying Zheng; Xu-Guang Huang
2013Influence of gastrointestinal digestion and edible plants combination on oral bioavailability of triterpene saponins, using biomimetic digestion and absorption system and determination by HPLCShun-Xing Li; Yang Mu; Feng-Ying Zheng
2012Self assembled TiO2 with 5-sulfosalicylic acid for improvement its surface properties and photodegradation activity of dyeShun-Xing Li; Shu-Jie Cai; Feng-Ying Zheng
2009Simple and rapid spectrophotometric determination of trace titanium (IV) enriched by nanometer size zirconium dioxide in natural waterFeng-Ying Zheng; Shun-Xing Li; Lu-Xiu Lin; Li-Qing Cheng
2010Speciation analysis, bioavailability and risk assessment of trace metals in herbal decoctions using a combined technique of in Vitro digestion and biomembrane filtration as sample pretreatment methodShun-Xing Li; Lu-xiu Lin; Jing Lin; Feng-Ying Zheng; Qing-Xiang Wang; Wen Weng
2016Water Soluble SulphurQuantum Dots for Selective Ag+ Sensing Based on the Ion Aggregation-Induced Photoluminescence EnhancementDejian Chen; Shun-Xing Li; Feng-Ying Zheng