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2014Carbon balance of China constrained by CONTRAIL aircraft CO2 measurementsH. F. Zhang; B. Z. Chen; I. T. van der Laan-Luijkx; J. Chen; G. Xu; J. W. Yan; L. X. Zhou; Y. Fukuyama; P. P. Tans; W. Peters
2017Highly-dispersive spin gapless semiconductors in rare-earth-element contained quaternaryG. Xu; Y. You; Y. Gong; E. Liu; F. Xu(); W. Wang
2010Lactoferrin-derived peptides and Lactoferricin chimera inhibit virulence factor production and biofilm formation in Pseudomonas aeruginosaG. Xu; W. Xiong; Q. Hu; P. Zuo; B. Shao; F. Lan; X. Lu; Y. Xu; S. Xiong
2017Large reversible magnetostriction in B-substituted MnCoSi alloy at room temperatureY. Gong; J. Liu; G. Xu; F. Xu(); D. Wang
2012Mesenchymal stem cells derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells modulate T-cell phenotypes in allergic rhinitisQ. L. Fu; Y. Y. Chow; S. J. Sun; Q. X. Zeng; H. B. Li; J. B. Shi; Y. Q. Sun; W. Wen; H. F. Tse; Q. Lian; G. Xu
2016On Maximal Energy of Trees with Fixed Weight SequenceS. Gong; X. Li; I. Gutman; G. Xu; Y. Tang; Z. Qin; K. Yang
2016Realization of magnetostructural coupling by modifying structural transitions in MnNiSi-CoNiGe system with a wide Curie temperature windowJ. Liu; Y. Gong; G. Xu; G. Peng; I.A. Shah; Najam ul Hassan; F. Xu()
2012Response Characteristics of Scirpus Triqueter and Its Rhizosphere to Pyrene Contaminated Soils at Different Growth StagesX. Y. Zhang; X. Y. Liu; S. S. Liu; F. H. Liu; L. S. Chen; G. Xu; C. L. Zhong; P. C. Su; Z. N. Cao
2012Two-phase growth of high topography in eastern Tibet during the CenozoicErchie Wang(#)(); E. Kirby; K.P. Furlong; M. van Soest; G. Xu; X. Shi; P.J.J. Kamp; K.V. Hodges