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2015A hybrid algorithm based on a new neighborhood structure evaluation method forjob shop scheduling problemGao L; Li X; Wen X; Lu C; Wen F
2015A hybrid backtracking search algorithm for permutation flow-shop schedulingproblemLin Q; Gao L; Li X; Zhang C
2015A point mutation of zebrafish c-cbl gene in the ring finger domainproduces a phenotype mimicking human myeloproliferative disease.Peng XL; Dong M; Ma L; Jia XE; Mao JH; Jin CB; Chen Y; Gao L; Liu XH; Ma K; Lei W; Du TT; Jin Y; Huang QH; Li KQ; Zon LI; Liu TX; Deng M; Zhou Y; Xi XD; Zhou Y; Chen SJ
2012A Role of Tomato UV-Damaged DNA Binding Protein 1 (DDB1) in Organ Size Control via an Epigenetic MannerLiu J; Tang X; Gao L; Gao Y; Li Y; Huang S; Sun X; Miao M; Zeng H; Tian X; Niu X; Zheng L; Giovannoni J; Xiao F; Liu Y
2014Acetylcholine affects osteocytic MLO-Y4 cells via acetylcholine receptors.Ma Y; Li X; Fu J; Li Y; Gao L; Yang L; Zhang P; Shen J; Wang H
2015Activation of the SIRT1/p66shc antiapoptosis pathway via carnosic acid-induced inhibition of miR-34a protects rats against nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.Shan W; Gao L; Zeng W; Hu Y; Wang G; Li M; Zhou J; Ma X; Tian X; Yao J
2015AML1/ETO cooperates with HIF1α to promote leukemogenesis through DNMT3a transactivationGao XN; Yan F; Lin J; Gao L; Lu XL; Wei SC; Shen N; Pang JX; Ning QY; Komeno Y; Deng AL; Xu YH; Shi JL; Li YH; Zhang DE; Nervi C; Liu SJ; Yu L.
2014An Effective Genetic Algorithm for Multi-objective Integrated Process Planning andScheduling with Various Flexibilities in Process PlanningLi X; Wen X; Gao L
-An efficient modified harmony search algorithm with intersect mutation operatorand cellular local search for continuous function optimization problemsYi J; Gao L; Li X; Gao J
-An improved adaptive differential evolution algorithm for continuous optimizationYi W; Zhou Y; Gao L; Li X; Mou J
-Analysis of mutation vectors selection mechanism in differential evolutionZhou Y; Yi W; Gao L; Li X
2015Analysis of the function of D279N mutation of VP2 of infectious bursal disease virusQi X; Lu Z; Wang N; Chen Y; Zhang L; Gao L; Li K; Ren X; Wang Y; Gao H; Gao Y; Nicolas E; Wang X
2015Antibiotics may not decrease prostate-specific antigen levels or prevent unnecessary prostate biopsy in patients with moderately increased prostate-specific antigen levels: A meta-analysisYang L(#)(); Zhu Y(#); Tang Z; Chen Y; Gao L; Liu L; Han P; Li X(); Wei Q()
2015Backtracking Search Algorithm with three constraint handling methods for ConstrainedOptimization ProblemsZhang C; Lin Q; Gao L; Li X
2015Caspase-mediated apoptosis in the cochleae contributes to the early onset of hearing loss in a/j mice1. Han X; Ge R; Xie G; Li P; Zhao X; Gao L; Zhang H; Wang O; Huang F; Han F(韩锋产,通讯作者)
2015Caspase-mediated apoptosis in the cochleae contributes to the early onset of hearing loss in a/j miceHan X(#); Ge R(#); Xie G; Li P; Zhao X; Gao L; Zhang H; Wang O; Huang F(); Han F(韩锋产; 通讯作者)()
2015Chondroitin sulphate N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase-2 contributes to the replication of infectious bursal disease virus via interaction with the capsid protein VP2Zhang L; Ren X; Chen Y; Gao Y; Wang N; Lu Z; Gao L; Qin L; Wang Y; Gao H; Li K; Jiang L; Cui H; Liu C; Zhang Y; Qi X; Wang X
2015Comparison between thulium laser resection of prostate and transurethral plasmakinetic resection of prostate ortransurethral resection of prostateCao D; Wang J; Huang Y; Liu L; Lei J; Gao L; Tang Z; Hu CY; Li X; Yuan J; Dong Q; Wei Q
2015Construction, expression, purification, and characterization of a dual-targeting PD-1/VEGF-A fusion protein(P-V)Qian N; Gao L; Dong L; Liu H; Fu J; Meng D; Gao X; Zhang J; Gao Y; Song H
2015Cyclophilin A interacts with viral VP4 and inhibits the replication of infectious bursal disease virusWang N; Zhang L; Chen Y; Lu Z; Gao L; Wang Y; Gao Y; Gao H; Cui H; Li K; Liu C; Zhang Y; Qi X; Wang X