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2015A novel role of angiopoietin-like-3 associated with podocyte injuryLiu J; Gao X; Zhai Y; Xu H
2015Acupuncture at heterotopic acupoints facilitates distal colonic motility via activating M3 receptors and somatic afferent C-fibers in normal, constipated, or diarrhoeic ratsGao X; Qin Q; Yu X; Liu K; Li L; Qiao H; Zhu B
2015Acupuncture at heterotopic acupoints facilitates distal colonic motility via activating M3 receptors and somatic afferent C-fibers in normal,constipated, or diarrhoeic rats.Gao X; Qin Q; Yu X; Liu K; Li L; Qiao H; Zhu B
2016Antioxidant tert-butylhydroquinoneameliorates arsenic-induced intracellular damages and apoptosis throughinduction of Nrf2-dependent antioxidant responses as well as stabilization ofanti-apoptotic factor Bcl-2 in human keratinocytesDuan X; Li J; Li W; Xing X; Zhang Y; Li W; Zhao L; Sun G; Gao X; Bing LI
2015Association of ERCC1 polymorphisms (rs3212986 and rs11615) with the risk of head and neck carcinomas based on case-control studies.Ding YW; Gao X; Ye DX; Liu W; Wu L; Sun HY
2015Association of the XPA A23G polymorphism with the risk of head and neck carcinomas: Evidence from 5491 subjects.Wu L; Gao X; Ye D; Ding Y; Yang X; Liu W.
2015Biological variations of seven tumor markers.Qi Z; Zhang L; Chen Y; Ma X; Gao X; Du J; Zhang F; Cheng X; Cui W
2015Construction, expression, purification, and characterization of a dual-targeting PD-1/VEGF-A fusion protein(P-V)Qian N; Gao L; Dong L; Liu H; Fu J; Meng D; Gao X; Zhang J; Gao Y; Song H
2014DNA aptamer evolved by cell-SELEX for recognition of prostate cancer.Wang Y; Luo Y; Bing T; Chen Z; Lu M; Zhang N; Shangguan D; Gao X
2013Dual roles of FBXL3 in the mammalian circadian feedback loops are important for period determination and robustness of the clockShi G; Xing L; Liu Z; Qu Z; Wu X; Dong Z; Wang X; Gao X; Huang M; Yan J; Yang L; Liu Y; Ptácek LJ; Xu Y
2015Effect of estrogen on the expression of GnRH and kisspeptin in the hypothalamus of rats during pubertyCui P; Yang C; Zhang K; Gao X; Luo L; Tian Y; Son
2014Gene expression profiling-derived immunohistochemistry signature with high prognostic value in colorectal carcinomaChang W; Gao X; Han Y; Du Y; Liu Q; Wang L; Tan X; Zhang Q; Liu Y; Zhu Y; Yu Y; Fan X; Zhang H; Zhou W; Wang J; Fu C; Cao G
2015High Expression of c-kit mRNA Predicts Unfavorable Outcome in Adult Patients with t(8;21) Acute Myeloid Leukemia.Gao X; Lin J; Gao L; Deng A; Lu X; Li Y; Wang L; Yu L
2014HMGA2 is down-regulated by microRNA let-7 and associated with epithelial–mesenchymal transition in oesophageal squamous cell carcinomas of KazakhsLiu Q; Liu T; Zheng S; Gao X; Lu M; Sheyhidin I; Lu X
2015HO-1 Signaling Activation by Pterostilbene Treatment AttenuatesMitochondrial Oxidative Damage Induced by Cerebral IschemiaReperfusion InjuryYang Y; Wang JY; Li Y; Fan CX; Jiang S; Zhao L; Di SY; Xin ZL; Wang BD; Wu GL; Li X; Li ZQ; Gao X; Dong YS; Qu Y
2012Immunoproteomic analysis of the antibody response obtained in mouse following vaccination with a T‐cell vaccineXu W; Gao X
-Increased Expression of ABCB6 Enhances Protoporphyrin IX Accumulation and Photodynamic Effect in Human Glioma.Zhao S; Chen X; Wang L; Yang G; Han D; Teng L; Yang M; Shi Cheng; Liu Y; Zheng B; Shi C; Gao X; Rainov NG
2012Investigation of Optimal Prostate Biopsy Schemes for Chinese Patients with Different Clinical CharacteristicsChen M.-K.; Luo Y.; Zhang H.; Lu M.-H.; Pang J.; Gao X
2015Knockdown of zinc transporter ZIP5 (SLC39A5) expression significantly inhibits human esophageal cancer progression.Jin J; Li Z; Liu J; Wu Y; Gao X; He Y
2015Manipulation of prostate cancer metastasis by locus-specific modification of the CRMP4 promoter region using chimeric TALE DNA methyltransferase and demethylaseLi K; Pang J; Cheng H; Liu WP; Di JM; Xiao HJ; Luo Y; Zhang H; Huang WT; Chen MK; Li LY; Shao CK; Feng YH; Gao X