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2013(s, S) Policy for Uncertain Single period inventory ProblemGao Y; Wen M; Ding S
201360-kDa Tat-interactive Protein (TIP60) Positively Regulates Th-inducing POK (ThPOK)-mediated Repression of Eomesodermin in Human CD4(+) T CellsLi Y; Tsun A; Han Z; Gao Y; Gao Z; Li Z; Lin F; Wang Y; Wei G; Yao Z; Li B
2015A facile method to establish human induced pluripotent stem cells from adult blood cells under feeder-free and xeno-free culture conditions: a clinically compliant approachChou BK; Gu H; Gao Y; Dowey SN; Wang Y; Shi J; Li
2014A Feasible Method to Eliminate Nanoleakage in Dentin Hybrid Layers.Chen JH(#)(); Liu Y; Niu LN; Tay FR; Gao Y
2013A new fixation method for stick-shaped specimens in microtensile tests: laboratory tests and FEA.Lu S(#); Zhao SJ(#); Wang WG; Gao Y; Zhang Y; Dou Q; Chen JH()
2015A new risk scoring system including non-alcoholic fatty liver disease for predicting incident type 2 diabetes in East China: Shanghai Baosteel Cohort.Chen GY; Cao HX; Li F; Cai XB; Ao QH; Gao Y; Fan JG.
2014A novel strategy to develop robust infectious hepatitis C virus cell culture system directly from a clinical isolate.Lu J; Xiang Y; Tao W; Li Q; Wang N; Gao Y; Xiang X; Xie Q; Zhong J
2015A redox-sensitive micelle-like nanoparticle selfassembled from amphiphilic adriamycin-human serum albumin conjugates for tumor targeted therapyChen L; Chen F; Zhao M; Zhu X; Ke C; Yu J; Yan Z; Zhang F; Sun Y; Chen; Jiang C; Zhao X; Gao Y; Guo S; Li W
2012A Role of Tomato UV-Damaged DNA Binding Protein 1 (DDB1) in Organ Size Control via an Epigenetic MannerLiu J; Tang X; Gao L; Gao Y; Li Y; Huang S; Sun X; Miao M; Zeng H; Tian X; Niu X; Zheng L; Giovannoni J; Xiao F; Liu Y
2015Activation of Vitamin D Receptor Signaling Down regulates FOXM1 Expression and Suppresses Pancreatic Cancer Growth and MetastasisLi Z; Jia Z; Gao Y; Xie D; Wei D; Cui J; Mishral L; Hang S; Zhang Y; Xie K
2015Adequate is better: limited-information particle swarm optimizationDu WB; Gao Y; Liu C; Zheng Z; Wang Z
2015Aggregate size and their disruption affect14C-labeled glucose mineralization and priming effectTian J(#)(); Pausch J; <b>Yu GR</b>; Blagodatskaya E(); Gao Y; Kuzyakov Y
2015An activated sympathetic nervous system affects white adipocyte differentiation and lipolysis in a rat model of Parkinson's diseaseMeng X, Zheng R, Zhang Y, Qiao M, Liu L, Jing P; Wang L, Liu J; Gao Y
2015An Avian Leukosis Virus Subgroup J Isolate with Rous Sarcoma Virus-like 5'-LTR shows enhanced replication capabilityGao Y; Guan X、Liu Y, Li X, Yun B, Qi X, Wang Y; Gao H, Cui H, Liu C, Zhang Y; Wang X; Gao Y
2015Analysis of the function of D279N mutation of VP2 of infectious bursal disease virusQi X; Lu Z; Wang N; Chen Y; Zhang L; Gao L; Li K; Ren X; Wang Y; Gao H; Gao Y; Nicolas E; Wang X
2015Binding chicken Anx2 is beneficial for infection with infectious bursal disease virusRen X; Zhang L; Gao Y; Gao H; Wang Y; Liu C; Cui H; Zhang Y; Jiang L; Qi X; Wang X
2016C2C12 myotubes inhibit the proliferation anddifferentiation of 3T3-L1preadipocytes by reducing the expression ofglucocorticoid receptor geneChu W; Wei W; Yu S; Han H; Shi X; Sun W; Gao Y; Zhang L; Chen J()
2015Chondroitin sulphate N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase-2 contributes to the replication of infectious bursal disease virus via interaction with the capsid protein VP2Zhang L; Ren X; Chen Y; Gao Y; Wang N; Lu Z; Gao L; Qin L; Wang Y; Gao H; Li K; Jiang L; Cui H; Liu C; Zhang Y; Qi X; Wang X
2013CK8 phosphorylation induced by compressive loads underlies the downregulation of CK8 in human disc degeneration by activating protein kinase C.Sun Z; Guo YS; Yan SJ; Wan ZY; Gao B; Wang L; Liu ZH; Gao Y; Samartzis D; Lan LF; <strong>Wang HQ</strong>; Luo ZJ
2018Clinorotation-induced autophagy via HDM2-p53-mTOR pathway enhances cell migration in vascular endothelial cellsLi CF(#); Sun JX(#); Gao Y; Shi F; Pan YK; <b>Wang YC</b>(); Sun XQ()