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2014"Candidatus Sonnebornia yantaiensis", a member of the candidate division OD1, as intracellular bacteria of the ciliated protist Paramecium bursaria (Ciliophora, Oligohymenophorea)Gong, Jun; Qing, Yao; Guo, Xiaohong; Warren, Alan
2014A novel rapid and green synthesis of highly luminescent carbon dots with good biocompatibility for cell imagingGong, Jun; An, Xueqin; Yan, Xiaojuan
2015Depth shapes α- and β-diversities of microbial eukaryotes in surficial sediments of coastal ecosystemsGong, Jun; Shi, Fei; Ma, Bin; Dong, Jun; Pachiadaki, M; Zhang, Xiaoli; Edgcomb, VP
2015Downregulation of high mobility group box 1 modulates telomere homeostasis and increases the radiosensitivity of human breast cancer cells.Ke, Shaobo; Zhou, Fuxiang; Yang, Hui; Wei, Yuehua; Gong, Jun; Mei, Zijie; Wu, Lin; Yu, Haijun; Zhou, Yunfeng
2013Extremely high copy numbers and polymorphisms of the rDNA operon estimated from single cell analysis of oligotrich and peritrich ciliates.Gong, Jun; Dong, Jun; Liu, Xihan; Massana, Ramon
2014Further insights into the phylogeny of two ciliate classes Nassophorea and Prostomatea (Protista, Ciliophora).Zhang, Qianqian; Yi, Zhenzhen; Fan, Xianpeng; Warren, Alan; Gong, Jun; Song, Weibo
2014Interferon regulatory factor 1 is required for cardiac remodeling in response to pressure overloadJiang, Ding-Sheng; Li, Liangpeng; Huang, Ling; Gong, Jun; Xia, Hao; Liu, Xiaoxiong; Wan, Nian; Wei, Xiang; Zhu, Xuehai; Chen, Yingjie; Chen, Xin; Zhang, Xiao-Dong; Li, Hongliang
2015Neuron-Specific Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor-Associated Factor 3 Is a Central Regulator of Neuronal Death in Acute Ischemic StrokeGong, Jun; Li, Zuo-Zhi; Guo, Sen; Zhang, Xiao-Jing; Zhang, Peng; Zhao, Guang-Nian; Gao, Lu; Zhang, Yan; Zheng, Ankang; Zhang, Xiao-Fei; Xiang, Mei; Li, Hongliang
2011New Contribution to the Morphological Taxonomy of Three Marine Cyrtophorid Ciliates from the Yellow Sea, China (Ciliophora: Cyrtophorida)Chen, Xiangrui; Gong, Jun; Al-Rasheid, Khaled A S.; Farraj, Saleh A.; Song, Weibo
2014New Steroids with a Rearranged Skeleton as (h)P300 Inhibitors from the Sponge Theonella swinhoeiGong, Jun; Sun, Peng(孙鹏); Jiang, Nan; Riccio, Raffaele; Lauro, Gianluigi; Bifulco, Giuseppe; Li, Tie-Jun; Gerwick, William H.; Zhang, Wen
2015Novel pH sensitive N-doped carbon dots with both long fluorescence lifetime and high quantum yieldZheng, Cui; An, Xueqin; Gong, Jun
2015Oncostatin M Confers Neuroprotection against Ischemic StrokeGuo, Sen; Li, Zuo-Zhi; Gong, Jun; Xiang, Mei; Zhang, Peng; Zhao, Guang-Nian; Li, Mingchang; Zheng, Ankang; Zhu, Xueyong; Lei, Hao; Minoru, Tanaka; Li, Hongliang
2010Parabirojimia multinucleata spec. nov. and Anteholosticha scutellum (Cohn, 1866) Berger, 2003, marine ciliates (Ciliophora, Hypotrichida) from tropical waters in southern China, with notes on their small-subunit rRNA gene sequencesChen, Xiangrui; Gao, Shan; Song, Weibo; Al-Rasheid, Khaled A. S.; Warren, Alan; Gong, Jun; Lin, Xiaofeng
2014Potentiometric aptasensing of listeria monocytogenes using protamine as an indicatorDing, Jiawang; Lei, Jiahong; Ma, Xia; Gong, Jun; Qin, Wei
2012Revealing the Diversity and Quantity of Peritrich Ciliates in Environmental Samples Using Specific Primer-based PCR and Quantitative PCRLiu, Xihan; Gong, Jun
2015Seagrass (Zostera marina) Colonization Promotes the Accumulation of Diazotrophic Bacteria and Alters the Relative Abundances of Specific Bacterial Lineages Involved in Benthic Carbon and Sulfur CyclingSun, Feifei; Zhang, Xiaoli; Zhang, Qianqian; Liu, Fanghua; Zhang, Jianping; Gong, Jun
2014SSU rDNA sequence diversity and seasonally differentiated distribution of nanoplanktonic ciliates in neritic Bohai and Yellow Seas as revealed by T-RFLP.Dong, Jun; Shi, Fei; Li, Han; Zhang, Xiaoming; Hu, Xiaozhong; Gong, Jun
2015Tollip is a critical mediator of cerebral ischaemia-reperfusion injuryLi, Mingchang; Feng, Bin; Wang, Lang; Guo, Sen; Zhang, Peng; Gong, Jun; Zhang, Yan; Zheng, Ankang; Li, Hongliang
2015Tollip is a critical mediator of cerebral ischaemia-reperfusion injury.Li,Mingchang; Feng, Bin; Wang, Lan; Guo,Sen; Zhang Peng; Gong, Jun; Zhang, Yan; Zheng, Ankang; Li, Hongliang
2014Tool trajectory optimization of spray painting robot for many-times spray paintingZeng, Yong; Gong, Jun; Xu, Ning; Wu, Nailing