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201517β-estradiol attenuates homocysteine-induced oxidative stress and inflammatory response as well as MAPKs cascade via activating PI3-K/Akt signal transduction pathway in Raw 264.7 cells.Zhang Y; He Y; Zong Y; Guo J; Sun L; Ma Y; Dong W; Gui L
2014A sponsored supplement to Science: Human performance in space - advancing astronautics research in ChinaWang D; Zhang L; Liang X; Shen H; Chen X; Wan Y; Guo J
2015Activation of Notch1 signalling promotes multi-lineage differentiation of c-Kit+ /NKX2.5+ bone marrow stem cells: implication in stem cell translational medicineDing R; Jiang X; Ha Y; Wang Z; Guo J; Jiang H; Zheng S; Shen Z; Jie W
2016Alpha lipoic acid supplementation attenuates reactive oxygen species in hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus and sympathoexcitation in high salt-induced hypertensionQing S; Liu JJ(co-first author); Cui w; Shi XL; Guo J; Li HB; Huo CJ; Miao YW; Zhang M; Yang Q; Kang YM
2015Alterations in heart rate and activity rhythms of three orbital astronauts on a space missionLiu Z; Wan Y; Zhang L; Wang D; Lv K; Wang C; Li Y; Chen X; Chen S; Guo J
2015Antidiabetic Effect of Salvianolic Acid A on Diabetic Animal Models via AMPK Activation and Mitochondrial RegulationQiang G; Yang X; Shi L; Zhang H; Chen B; Zhao Y; Zu M; Zhou D; Guo J; Yang H; Zhang L; Du G
2015Antidiabetic Effect of Salvianolic Acid A on Diabetic Animal Models via AMPK Activation and Mitochondrial RegulationQiang G(#); Yang X(#); Shi L; Zhang H; Chen B; Zhao Y; Zu M; Zhou D; Guo J; Yang H; Zhang L; Du G()
2017Benzyl-isothiocyanate induces apoptosis and inhibits metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma cells in vitroZhu M(#); Li W; Dong X; Chen Y; Lu Y; Lin B; Guo J; Li M()
2015Brain-derived neurotrophic factor regulates TRPC3/6 channels and protects against myocardial infarction in rodentsHang P; Zhao J; Cai B; Tian S; Huang W; Guo J; Sun C; Li Y; Du Z
2015Brazilin isolated from the heartwood of Caesalpinia sappan L induces endothelium-dependent and -independentrelaxation of rat aortic ringsYan Y; Chen YC; Lin YH; Guo J; Niu ZR; Li L; Wang Shou-bao; Fang LH; Du GH
-Clinical application of whole-genome low-coverage next-generation sequencing to detect and characterize balanced chromosomal translocationsLiang D(#); Wang Y(#); Ji X(#); Hu H; Zhang J; Meng L; Lin Y; Ma D(马定远); Jiang T; Jiang H; Asan; Song L; Guo J; Hu P(胡平)(); Xu Z()
2014Clinical significance of the low expression of FER1L4 in gastric cancer patientsLiu Z; Shao Y; Tan L; Shi H; Chen S; Guo J
2015Coinfection of Strongyloides stercoralis and Aspergillus foundin bronchoalveolar lavage fluid from a patient with stubbornpulmonary symptomsGuo J; Sun Y; Man Y; Huang X; Qin Q; Zhou D; Deng A
2016Comparison ofthe Efficacy and Safety of Different ACE Inhibitors in Patients With ChronicHeart Failure: A PRISMA-Compliant Network Meta-Analysis.Sun W(#)(); Zhang H; Guo J; Zhang X; Zhang L; Li C; <b>Zhang L</b>()
2013Decreased expression of long noncoding RNA AC096655.1-002 in gastric cancer and its clinical significanceSun W, Wu Y, Yu X, Liu Y, Song H, Xia T, Xiao B; Guo J
2011Deliberately Designed Processes to Physically Tether the Carboxyl Groups of Poly(pentacosadiynoic acid) to a Poly(vinyl alcohol) Glassy Matrix to Make Poly(pentacosadiynoic acid) Thermochromically Reversible in the MatrixGuo J; Chen D
2014Effects of a 45-day head-down bed rest on the diurnal rhythms of activity, sleep and heart rate.Liang X; Zhang L; Shen H; Chen X; Wan Y; Li L; Liang Y; Yu X; Guo Y; Yu J; Shu W; Tan C; Lv K; Xiao Y; Chen X; Chen S; Guo J
2014Effects of allelochemicals from Ageratina adenophora (Spreng.) on its own autotoxicityZhu XZ(#); Guo J; Shao H; <b>Yang GQ</b>()
2014Effects of repeated Cr(VI) intratracheal instillation on club (Clara) cells and activation of nuclear factor-kappa B pathway via oxidative stressZhao Lin; Song Y; Pu J; Guo J; Wang Y; Chen Z; Chen T; Gu Y; Jia G
2015Effectsof Fly Ash Content on Properties of Cement Paste BackfillingQi TY; Feng GR; Zhang YJ; Guo J; Guo YX