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2015Efficientphoto-degradation of dyes using CuWO4 nanoparticles with electron sacrificialagents: A combination of experimental and theoretical explorationX. Xie; M. Liu; C. Wang; L. Chen; J. Xu; Y. Cheng; H. Dong; F. Lu; W. -H. Wang; H. Liu; W. Wang
2015Electronic structure and ferromagnetism modulation in Cu/Cu2O interface: impact of interfacial Cu vacancy and its diffusionH. -B. Li; W. Wang; X. Xie; Y. Cheng; Z. Zhang; H. Dong; R. Zheng; W. -H. Wang; F. Lu; H. Liu
2015GaNas an Interfacial Passivation Layer: Tuning Band Offset and Removing FermiLevel Pinning for III–V MOS DevicesZ. Zhang; R. Cao; C. Wang; H. -B. Li; H. Dong; W. -H. Wang; F. Lu; Y. Cheng; X. Xie; H. Liu; K. Cho; R. Wallace; W. Wang
2015Influence of small amounts of Si and Al on the synthesis of Ti3SiC2 by spark plasma sinteringH. Dong; L. Zhu; X. Tian; X. Jin; Y. Bai; W. Ma
2015Influence of stress on martensitic transformation and mechanical properties of hot stamped AHSS partsY. Chang; X.D. Li; K.M. Zhao; C.Y. Wang; G.J. Zheng; P. Hu; H. Dong
2015Interfacialbonding and electronic structure of GaN/GaAs interface: A first-principlesstudyR. Cao; Z. Zhang; C. Wang; H. Li; X. Xie; H. Dong; H. Liu; W. Wang
2015Multimodal Quantitative MR imaging of the Thalamus in Multiple sclerosis and neuromyelitis OpticaY. Liu; Y. Duan; J. Huang; Z. Ren; J. Ye; H. Dong; F. Shi; F. Barkhof; H. Vrenken; M. Wattjes; J. Wang; K. Li
2015Phagraphene: A Low-Energy Graphene Allotrope Composed of 5-6-7 Carbon Rings with Distorted Dirac ConesZ. Wang; X. F. Zhou; X. Zhang; Q. Zhu; H. Dong; M. Zhao; A. R. Oganov
2013Terahertz relativistic spatial solitons in doped graphene metalmaterialsH. Dong; C. Conti; A. Marini; F. Biancalana
2015Thermophysical properties of Gd2O3 doped SrHfO3 ceramicW. Ma; Y. Ren; X. Jin; Y. Li; D. Chen; H. Dong