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2015A detection system for charged-particle decay studies with a continuous-implanation methodL.J. Sun; X.X. Xu; C.J. Lin; J.S. Wang; D.Q. Fang; Z.H. Li; Y.T. Wang; J. Li; L. Yang; N.R. Ma; K. Wang; H.L. Zang; H.W. Wang; C. Li; C.Z. Shi; M.W. Nie; X.F. Li; H. Li; J.B. Ma; P. Ma; S.L. Jin……
2014A multilevel preconditioner and its shared memory implementation for a new generation reservoir simulatorS. Wu; J. Xu; C. Feng; C. Zhang; Q. Li; S. Shu; B. Wang; X. Li; H. Li
2016A new approach to identify interplanetary Alfvén waves and to obtain their frequency propertiesH. Li; C. Wang; J. K. Chao; W. C. Hsieh
2014A novel synthetic Cry1Ab gene resists rice insect pests insect pestsF.S. Song; D.H. Ni; H. Li; Y.B. Duan; Y.C. Yang; J.L. Ni; X.Z. Lu; P.C. Wei; L. Li; J.B. Yang
2014A Parallel Viterbi Algorithm for Low Latency TBCC Decoding.H. Li; Y. Li; J. Wang
2014A Resistance-Switchable and Ferroelectric Metal-Organic FrameworkL. Pan; G. Liu; H. Li; S. Meng; L. Han; J. Jie; B.
2015Analysis of Dynamic Characteristics of the Canton Tower under Different EarthquakesH. Li; J.K. Liu; W.H. Chen; Z.L. Lu
2015Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi reduced the ratios of inorganic/organic arsenic in rice grainsH. Li; X.W. Chen; M.H. Wong
2015Bird Mating Optimizer in Structural Damage IdentificationH. Li; J.K. Liu; Z.R. Lu
2015Bird Mating Optimizer in Structural Damage IdentificationH. Li; J.K. Liu; Z.R. Lu
2012Brief introduction and recent applications of a large-scale parallel three-dimensional PIC code named NEPTUNE3DW.Yang; Y. Dong; J. Chen; H. Li; L. Dong; Z. Mo
2012Characteristics of magnetospheric energetics during geomagnetic stormsH. Li; C. Wang; W. Y. Xu; J. R. Kan
2014Chronic urticaria in Chinese population: a hospital-based multicenter epidemiological study.H. Zhong; Z. Song; W. Chen.; H. Li; L. He; T. Gao; H. Fang; Z. Guo; J. Xv; B. Yu; X. Gao; H. Xie; H. Gu; D. Luo; X. Chen; T. Lei; J. Gu; B. Cheng; Y. Duan; A. Xv; X. Zhu; F. Hao
2014Discovery of a hidden BIF deposit in Anhui province, China by integrated geological and geophysical investigationsG.Q Xue; L.J Gelius; P.A Sakyi; N.N.Zhou; W.Y.Chen; B.C.Su; H. Li; H.S. Zhong; Y.P.Su
2015Effect of tempering temperature on the microstructure and mechanical properties in mooring chain steelX.Y. Cheng; H.X. Zhang; H. Li; H.P. Shen
2013Elevated Blood Eosinophil Count Is aValuable Biomarker for Predicting Late Acute Cellular Rejection After LiverTransplantationG.-Y. Wang,,; H. Li; W. Liu; J. Zhang; H.-B. Zhu; G-H Chen
2015Enhanced electrical properties at boundaries including twin boundaries of polycrystalline CdTe thin-film solar cellsH. Li; X. X. Liu; Y. S. Lin; B. Yang; Z. M. Du
2013Ethanol induced formation of graphene fractions suspended in acetonitrileH. Li; J. C. Nie; J. C. Li; S. Kunsagi-Mate
2012EtOH induced formation of nanographite fractions and their reorganization on nanostructured CeO2 filmsH. Li; J. C. Nie; S. Kunsági-Máté
2015Influence of lithium coating on the optics of Doppler backscatter systemX. H. Zhang; A. D. Liu; C. Zhou; J. Q. Hu; M. Y. Wang; C. X. Yu; W. D. Liu; H. Li; T. Lan; J. L. Xie