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20152.7 MeV Ar11+ ion irradiation induced structural evolution in Lu2(Ti2-xLux)O7-x/2 pyrochloresD.Y. Yang; C.G.Liu; K.Q.Zhang; Y.Xia; L.J. Chen; H. Liu; Y.H.Li
2015A Novel Endoscopic Cerenkov Luminescence Imaging System for Intraoperative Surgical NavigationT. Song(#); X. Liu(); Y. Qu; H. Liu; C. Bao; C. Leng; Z. Hu(); K. Wang(); J. Tian()
2009Adaptive transcutaneous power delivery for an artificial anal sphincter systemP. Zan; G. Yan; H. Liu; N. Luo; Y. Zhao
2015Analytical method for the lateral displacements ofsteel reinforced soil walls on stiff foundations with incremental panel facingsH. Liu; G. Yang
2015Boundary Element Analysis for PiezoelectricCracks by an Interaction IntegralH. Liu; 雷钧; P. Sun; Q. Yang
2015Boundary Element Analysis for PiezoelectricCracks by an Interaction IntegralH. Liu; 雷钧; P. Sun; Q. Yang
2011Coherent magnetic plasmon modes in a contacting gold nano-sphere chain on a gold SlabK. N. Chen; H. Liu; S. M. Wang; Y. J. Zheng; C. Zhu; Y. Wang; S. N. Zhu
2015Core-shell Fe3O4@SiO2@HNbMoO6 nanocomposites: new magnetically recyclable solid acid for heterogeneous catalysisP.Shen; H.T. Zhang; H. Liu; J. Y. Xin; L.F. Fei; X.G. Luo; R.Z. Ma; S.J. Zhang
2010Density measurement of samples under high pressure using synchrotron microtomography and diamond anvil cell techniquesX. Xiao; H. Liu; L. Wang; F. De Carlo
2013Development of a 24-plex Y chromosomal STR loci typing systemC. Liu; H. Liu; Y. Li; X.L. Ou; H.Y. Sun
2010Double-resonance nanolaser based on coupled slit-hole resonator structuresW. M. Ye; X. D. Yuan; Z. H. Zhu; H. Liu; S. M. Wang; S. N. Zhu
2015Effect of Progranulin(PGRN) on the proliferation and senescence of cervical cancer cellsX.Y. Zhang; Z.X. Pan; H. Liu; J.L. Yu; G.X. L; H.Y. Wang; M.M. Liu
2014Effect of water content on separation of CO2/CH4 with active carbon by adsorption-hydration hybrid methodC. Y. SunX.X. Zhang; H. Liu; <b>C. Y. Sun</b>(); P. Xiao; B. Liu; L. Y. Yang; C. H. Zhan; X. Q. Wang; N. Li; G. J. Chen()
2011Effects of chestnut tannins and coconut oil on growth performance, methane emission, ruminal fermentation, and microbial populations in sheepH. Liu; V. Vaddella; D. Zhou
2015Efficientphoto-degradation of dyes using CuWO4 nanoparticles with electron sacrificialagents: A combination of experimental and theoretical explorationX. Xie; M. Liu; C. Wang; L. Chen; J. Xu; Y. Cheng; H. Dong; F. Lu; W. -H. Wang; H. Liu; W. Wang
2010Electric and magnetic excitation of coherent magnetic plasmon waves in a one-dimensional meta-chainX. Zhang; C. Zhu; H. Liu; S. M. Wang; T. Li; J. X. Cao; Y. J. Zheng; L. Li; Y. Wang; S. N. Zhu
2015Electronic structure and ferromagnetism modulation in Cu/Cu2O interface: impact of interfacial Cu vacancy and its diffusionH. -B. Li; W. Wang; X. Xie; Y. Cheng; Z. Zhang; H. Dong; R. Zheng; W. -H. Wang; F. Lu; H. Liu
2014From PET/CT to PET/MRI: advances in instrumentation and clinical applicationsZ. Hu(胡振华,项目申请人); W. Yang; H. Liu; K. Wang; C. Bao; T. Song; J. Wang; J. Tian
2015GaNas an Interfacial Passivation Layer: Tuning Band Offset and Removing FermiLevel Pinning for III–V MOS DevicesZ. Zhang; R. Cao; C. Wang; H. -B. Li; H. Dong; W. -H. Wang; F. Lu; Y. Cheng; X. Xie; H. Liu; K. Cho; R. Wallace; W. Wang
2015High RF Performance Enhancement-Mode Al2O3/AlGaN/GaN MIS-HEMTs Fabricated With High-Temperature Gate-Recess TechniqueSen Huang; X. Liu; J. Zhang; K. Wei; G. Liu; X. Wang; Y. Zheng; H. Liu; Z. Jin; C. Zhao; C. Liu; S. Liu; S. Yang; J. Zhang; Y. Hao; K. J. Chen