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2015Adaptive sparse principal componentanalysis for enhanced process monitoring and fault isolation刘康玲; 费正顺; 岳泊暄; 梁军; Hai Lin
2013Bioleaching of different copper sulfides by Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans and its adsorption on mineralsYingbo Dong; Hai Lin; Xiaofang Xu; Shanshan Zhou
2015Chondrocytes behaviors within type I collagen microspheres and bulk hydrogels: an in vitro studyJun Liu; Hai Lin; Xiupeng Li; Yujiang Fan; Xingdong Zhang
2009Colorimetric and fluorescent sensing of biologically important fluoride in physiological pH condition based on a positive homotropic allosteric systemJie Shao; Xudong Yu; Xiufang Xu; Hai Lin; Zunsheng Cai; Huakuan Lin
2008Colorimetric recognizing of biologically important anions based on anion-induced tautomerism of the sensor Jie Shao; Xudong Yu; Hai Lin; Huakuan Lin
2010Controllability structure decomposition for switched linear systemsZhijian Ji; Hai Lin; Gang Feng; Xiaoxia Guo,
2015Dynamic mechanical and swelling properties of maleated hyaluronic acid hydrogelsHai Lin; Jun Liu; Kai Zhang; Yujiang Fan; Xingdong Zhang
2012Effect of Corticosterone on Gene Expression of Feed Intake Regulatory Peptides in Laying HensLei Liu; Zhigang Song; Ardashir Sheikhahmadi; Hongchao Jiao; Hai Lin
2007Effects of the receptors bearing phenol group and copper(II) on the anion recognition and their analytical applicationXue-Fang Shang; Hai Lin; Zun-Sheng Cai; Hua-Kuan Lin
2007Efficient fluoride-selective receptor: experiment and theoryXue-Fang Shang; Xiu-Fang Xu; Hai Lin; Jie Shao
2012Fasting alters protein expression of AMP-activated protein kinase in the hypothalamus of broiler chicks (Gallus gallus domesticus)Zhigang Song; Lei Liu; Yunshuang Yue; Hongchao Jiao; Hai Lin; Ardashir Sheikhahmadi; Nadia Everaert; Eddy Decuypere; Johan Buyse
2012Geometric analysis of reachability and observability for impulsive systems on complex fieldShouwei Zhao; Jitao Sun; Hai Lin
2015Glucocorticoids inhibited hypothalamic target of rapamycin in high fat diet-fed chicksLei Liu; Xiaojuan Wang; Hongchao Jiao; Jingpeng Zhao; Hai Lin
2015Glucocorticoids retard skeletal muscle development and myoblast protein synthesis through a mechanistic target of rapamycin (mTOR)-signaling pathway in broilers (Gallus gallus domesticus)Xiaojuan Wang; Qing Jia; Jingjing Xiao; Hongchao Jiao; Hai Lin
2009A high selective anion colorimetric sensor based on salicylaldehyde for fluoride in aqueous mediaJianwei Li; Hai Lin; Zunsheng Cai; Huakuan Lin
2014HIV感染-免疫动力学的元胞自动机模拟研究Youbin Mo; Hai Lin; Jian Wei Shuai
2014The Influence of Tropical Pacific SST Anomaly on Surface Air Temperature in ChinaXiaoJing Jia; Hai Lin; Xia Yao
2009Interconnection topologies for multi-agent coordination under leader@?follower frameworkZidong Wang; Hai Lin; Zhen Wang; Zhijian Ji
2012Leaders in multi-agent controllability under consensus algorithm and tree topologyZhijian Ji; Hai Lin; Haisheng Yu
2016Movement Curve and Hydrodynamic Analysis of the Four-Joint Biomimetic Robotic FishZhibin Xue; Hai Lin; Qian Zhang