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2016A Hypertension-Associated tRNA(Ala) Mutation Alters tRNA Metabolism and Mitochondrial FunctionJiang; Pingping(#); Wang; Meng(#); <b>Xue; Ling</b>; Xiao; Yun; Yu; Jialing; Wang; Hui; Yao; Juan; Liu; Hao; Peng; Yanyan; Liu; Hanqing; Li; Haiying; Chen; Ye; Guan; Min-Xin()
2016A new oridonin analog suppresses triple-negative breast cancer cells and tumor growth via the induction of death receptor 5Wu; Jing(#); Ding; Ye; Chen; Chuan-Huizhi; Zhou; Zhongmei; Ding; Chunyong; Chen; Haiying; Zhou; Jia(); Chen; Ceshi()
2016An Integrated Approach for Studying Exposure, Metabolism, and Disposition of Multiple Component Herbal Medicines Using High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry and Multiple Data Processing ToolsWu; Caisheng(#); Zhang; Haiying; Wang; Caihong; Qin; Hailin; Zhu; Mingshe(); Zhang; Jinlan()
2014Apelin-13 protects the brain against ischemia/reperfusion injury through activating PI3K/Akt and ERK1/2 signaling pathwaysYang; Yi; <b>Zhang; Xiangjian</b>(); Cui; Haiying; Zhang; Cong; Zhu; Chunhua; Li; Litao
2014Decoding the mechanism of the mechanical transfer of a GaN-based heterostructure via an h-BN release layer in a device configurationYang; D. Z.Wang; Gaoxue; <b>Yang; D. Z.</b>; Zhang; Z. Y.; Si; M. S.(); Xue; Desheng; He; Haiying; Pandey; Ravindra
2015Disturbance of hippocampal H2S generation contributes to CUMS-induced depression-like behavior: involvement in endoplasmic reticulum stress of hippocampus.Tan; Huiying(#); Zou; Wei(#); Jiang; Jiamei; Tian; Ying(); Xiao; Zhifang; Bi; Lili; Zeng; Haiying; <b>Tang; Xiaoqing(唐小卿)</b>()
2013Effect of triangular vacancy defect on thermal conductivity and thermal rectification in graphene nanoribbonsYang; Ping(); Li; Xialong; Zhao; Yanfan; Yang; Haiying; Wang; Shuting()
2015Electrogenerated chemiluminescence biosensors for the detection of pathogenic bacteria using antimicrobial peptides as capture/signal probesLi; Zhejian(#); Yang; Haiying; Sun; Lijuan; Qi; Honglan; Gao; Qiang; Zhang; Chengxiao()
2012Genome of Helicobacter pylori Strain XZ274, an Isolate from a Tibetan Patient with Gastric Cancer in ChinaGuo; Ying; Wang; Haiying; Li; Yan; Song; Yang; Chen; Chen; Liao; Yaling; Ren; Li; Guo; Chunliang; Tong; Wende; Shen; Wei; Chen; Ming; Mao; Xuhu; Guo; Gang; Zou; Quanming()
2017Global wetlands: Potential distribution, wetland loss, and status.Hu; Shengjie(#); Niu; Zhenguo(); Chen; Yanfen; Li; Lifeng; Zhang; Haiying
2015MicroRNA-34a inhibits human trophoblast cell invasion by targeting MYC.Sun Manni(#); Chen; Haiying; Liu; Jing; Tong; Chunxiao; Meng Tao()
2016Mitochondrial tRNA mutations in 2070 Chinese Han subjects with hypertension<b>Xue; Ling</b>(#); Wang; Meng; Li; Haiying; Wang; Heng; Jiang; Feng; Hou; Lingling; Geng; Junwei; Lin; Zhi; Peng; Yanyan; Zhou; Hong; Yu; Han; Jiang; Pingping; Mo; Jun Qin; Guan; Min-Xin()
2015Molecularly imprinted nanofiber membranes enhanced biodegradation of trace bisphenol A by Pseudomonas aeruginosaLiu; Fei; Liu; Qian; Zhang; Yanhong; Liu; Yanjie; Wan; Yingchun; Gao; Kaichun; Huang; Ying; Xia; Wei; Wang; Haiying; Shi; Yun; Huang; Zheng(); Lu; Bin
2015Nanostructure and linear rheological response of comb-like copolymer PSVS-g-PE melts: influences of branching densities and branching chain lengthLin; Yichao; Wang; Yanhui; Zheng; Jun; Yao; Kun; Tan; Haiying; Wang; Yaotao; Tang; Tao(); Xu; Donghua()
2014Physiological and Biochemical Effects of Ultra-Dry Storage on Barbados Nut SeedsCui; Kai(#); Wang; Haiying; Li; Kun; Liao; Shengxi(); Li; Li; Zhang; Chunhua
2013Simple and highly sensitive electrogenerated chemiluminescence adenosine aptasensor formed by adsorbing a ruthenium complex-tagged aptamer on single-walled carbon nanotubesLi; Zhejian(#); Qi; Honglan; Yang; Haiying; Gao; Qiang; Zhang; Chengxiao()
2014Some graphs determined by their (signless) Laplacian spectraLiu; Muhuo; Shan; Haiying; Das; Kinkar Ch.()
2017Subcellular localization and function study of a secreted phospholipase C from Nocardia seriolae.<b>Xia; Liqun</b>(#); Liang; Haiying; Xu; Liang; Chen; Jianlin; Bekaert; Michael; Zhang; Honglian; Lu; Yishan()
2015Synthesis and linear rheological property of comb-like styrene-based polymers with a high degree of branch chainLin; Yichao; Zheng; Jun; Yao; Kun; Tan; Haiying; Zhang; Guangchun; Gong; Jiang; Tang; Tao(); Xu; Donghua()
2015The Roles of p21(Waf1/CIP1) and Hus1 in Generation and Transmission of Damage Signals Stimulated by Low-Dose Alpha-Particle Irradiation.Zhao; Ye(#); Ma; Xiaoyan; Wang; Jun; Chen; Shaopeng; Yuan; Hang; Xu; An; Hang; Haiying; Wu; Lijun()