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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A machine vision system for bearing greasing procedureHao Shen; Chengfei Zhu; Shuxiao Li; Hongxing Chang
2013A Novel Image Registration Algorithm in Aerial Infrared VideosC Wang; S Li; Y Shen; Hao Shen; Hongxing Chang
2013A Novel Image Registration Algorithm in Aerial Infrared VideosC Wang; S Li; Y Shen; Hao Shen; Hongxing Chang
2014An analysis of landscape characteristics of urban rivers – with the case of ChengduJian Zhang; Zhongwei Shen; Hao Shen
2014Chengdu River status and cause analysisJian Zhang; Zhongwei Shen; Hao Shen
2015Electric field-controlled ion transport in TiO2 nanochannelDan Li; Wenheng Jing; Shuaiqiang Li; Hao Shen; Weihong Xing
2014Electrical Excitation of Surface Plasmon Polaritons Using an Au Ring Grating/GaAs Quantum Well Coupling StructureJing Li; Hao Shen; Xianzi Dong; YongLiang Zhang; Zhensheng Zhao; Xuanming Duan; Xiangmin Meng
2016Fabrication of flexible Al-doped ZnO films via sol-gel methodLibing Duan; Xiaoru Zhao; Yangyang Zhang; Hao Shen; Ruidi Liu
2013How to find G-admissible abelian regular coverings of a graph?Haimiao Chen; Hao Shen
2016In situ synchrotron study of electromigration induced grain rotations in Sn solder jointsHao Shen; Wenxin Zhu; Yao Li; Nobumichi Tamura; <strong>Kai Chen</strong>
2015Influence of Cd doping on structural and optical properties of (Cd, Al)-codoped ZnO powders synthesized via sol–gel methodLibing Duan; Xiaoru Zhao; Yajun Wang; Hao Shen; Wangchang Geng; Fuli Zhang
2014Mixed-salt effects on the conformation of a short salt-bridge-formingα helix: A simulation studyHao Shen; Wei Cheng; Feng-Shou Zhang
2013Molecular insights into the mechanisms of cation-type specific stability and denaturation of poly- L-glutamate: a simulation studyHao Shen; Xin Shen; Wei Cheng; Feng-Shou Zhang
2013Moving object detection in aerial video based on spatiotemporal saliencyHao Shen; Shuxiao Li; Chengfei Zhu; Hongxing Chang; Jinlan Zhang
2015Properties of pure water and sodium chloride solutions at high temperatures and pressures:a simulation studyHao Shen; Ting Hao; Jing Wen; Rong-Ri Tan; Feng-Shou Zhang
-Quantized output feedback control of uncertain descrete-time systems with input saturationGongfei Song; Hao Shen; Yuliang Wei; Ze Li
2015Robust passivity analysis of neural networks with discrete and distributed delaysHongBing Zeng; Park; Ju H.; Hao Shen
2015Sonication of explanted prosthesis combined with incubation in BD bactec bottles for pathogen-based diagnosis of prosthetic joint infectionHao Shen; Jin Tang; Qiaojie Wang; Yao Jiang; Xianlong Zhang
2015Structural conservation of the short a-helix inmodified higher and lower polarity water solutionsHao Shen; Wei Cheng; Feng-Shou Zhang
2013Tracking-based moving object detectionHao Shen; Shuxiao Li; Jinglan Zhang; Hongxing Chang