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2014A microfluidic-based multi-shear device for investigating the effects of low fluid-induced stresses on osteoblastsWeiliang Yu; Hong Qu; Guoqing Hu; Qian Zhang; Kui Song; Haijie Guan; Tingjiao Liu; Jianhua Qin
2014A systems biology approachto identify intelligence quotient score-related genomic regions, and pathwaysrelevant to potential therapeutic treatments.Min Zhao; Lei Kong; Hong Qu
2015An evidence-based knowledgebase of metastasissuppressors to identify key pathways relevant to cancer metastasisMin Zhao; Zhe Li; Hong Qu
2015Cellular Metabolic Network Analysis:Discovering Important Reactions in Treponema pallidum.Xueying Chen; Min Zhao; Hong Qu
2015Computing k shortest paths from a source node to each other nodeGuisong Liu; Hong Qu; Luping Ji; Alexander Takacs
2015Computing k shortest paths using modified pulse-coupled neural networkGuisong Liu; Zhao qiu; Hong Qu; Luping Ji
2015dbEMT: anepithelial-mesenchymal transition associated gene resource.Min Zhao; Lei Kong; Yining Liu; Hong Qu
2015METSP: a maximum-entropyclassifier based text mining tool for transporter-substrate identification withsemi-structured text.Min Zhao; Yanming Chen; Dacheng Qu; Hong Qu
2012A novel neural network method for shortest path tree computationHong Qu; Simon X.Yang; Zhang Yi; Xiaobin Wang
2015One-dimensional Pairwise CNN for Global Alignment of two DNA SequencesLuping Ji; Xiaorong Pu; Hong Qu; Guisong Liu
2015PediCan: an online generesource for pediatric cancers with literature evidence.Min Zhao; Lei Ma; Yining Liu; Hong Qu
2013Validation of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Nomogram to Predict Disease-Specific Survival after R0 Resection in a Chinese Gastric Cancer PopulationDonglai Chen; Beihai Jiang; Jiadi Xing; Maoxing Liu; Ming Cui; Yiqiang Liu; Zaozao Wang; Lei Chen; Hong Yang; Chenghai Zhang; Zhendan Yao; Nan Zhang; Jiafu Ji; Hong Qu; Xiangqian Su