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2010Cyclic oxidation and diffusion barrier behaviors of oxides dispersed NiCoCrAlY coatingsHui Peng; Hongbo Guo; Jian He; Shengkai Gong
2011Cyclic oxidation and interdiffusion behavior of a NiAlDy/RuNiAl coating on a Ni-based single crystal superalloyBo Bai; Hongbo Guo; Hui Peng; Liquan Peng; Shengkai Gong
2016Effective and robust approach for fluorescence molecular tomography based on CoSaMP and SP3 modelXiaowei He(#)(); Hongbo Guo; <b>Jingjing Yu</b>; Xu Zhang; Yuqing Hou
2010First-principles study on the site preference of Dy in B2 NiAlHongli Wu; Hongbo Guo; Shengkai Gong
2013Improved thermal barrier properties of InFeZnO4 ceramics by Gd/Yb dopingHongbo Guo; Chaolei Zhang; Yanling Pei; Lei Guo
2011Microstructure of oxides in thermal barrier coatings grown under dry/humid atmosphereZhaohui Zhou; Hongbo Guo; Juan Wang; Musharaf Abbas; Shengkai Gong
2011Oxidation and diffusion barrier behaviors of double-layer NiCoCrAlY coatings produced by plasma activated EB-PVDHui Peng; Hongbo Guo; Jian He; Shengkai Gong
2011Thermal cycling behavior and failure mechanism of LaTi2Al9O19/YSZ thermal barrier coatings exposed to gas flameXiaoyun Xie; Hongbo Guo; Shengkai Gong; Huibin Xu
2009Thermal shock resistance and mechanical properties of La"2Ce"2O"7 thermal barrier coatings with segmented structureYi Wang; Hongbo Guo; Shengkai Gong
2015Thermal transport properties of InFeZnO4–YbFeZnO4 solid solutionsLihua Zhang; Yanling Pei; Hongbo Guo; Shengkai Gong
2009Thermo-Physical Properties and Thermal Shock Resistance of Segmented La2Ce2O7/YSZ Thermal Barrier CoatingsHongbo Guo; Yi Wang; Lu Wang; Shengkai Gong