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2013AhR-Mediated Effects of Dioxin on Neuronal Acetylcholinesterase Expression in VitroXie, H.Q; Xu, H.; Fu, H.; Hu, Q.; Tian, W.; Pei, X.; Zhao, B.
2015Effects of dopant concentration on structural and near-infrared luminescence of Nd3+-doped beta-Ga2O3 thin filmsWu, Z.; Bai, G.; Hu, Q.; Guo, D.; Sun, C.; Ji, L.; Lei, M.; Li, L.; Li, P.; Hao, J.; Tang, W.
2015High-spin states of the semimagic nucleus Pr-141Li, Z. Q.; Wang, S. Y.; Liu, L.; Zhang, Y. M.; Qi, B.; Wang, S.; Sun, D. P.; Liu, C.; Zhang, P.; Zhang, N. B.; Jia, H.; Hu, Q.; Niu, C. Y.; Chen, Z. Q.; Lv, P.; Li, C. Y.; Wu, X. G.……
2015Induction of COX-2-PGE2 synthesis by activation of the MAPK/ERK pathway contributes to neuronal death triggered by TDP-43-depleted microgliaXia, Q.; Hu, Q.; Wang, H.; Yang, H.; Gao, F.; Ren, H.; Chen, D.; Fu, C.; Zheng, L.; Zhen, X.; Ying, Z.; Wang, G.
2014Influence of melt temperature on the Invar effect in (Fe71.2B24Y4.8)(96)Nb-4 bulk metallic glassHu, Q.; Sheng, H. C.; Fu, M. W.; Zeng, X. R.
2014Stabilization of Human Telomeric G-Quadruplex and Inhibition of Telomerase Activity by Propeller-Shaped Trinuclear Pt-II ComplexesXu, C.-X.; Shen, Y.; Hu, Q.; Zheng, Y.-X.; Cao, Q.; Qin, P. Z.; Zhao, Y.; Ji, L.-N.; Mao, Z.-W.
2012Structural Evidence of Perfluorooctane Sulfonate Transport by Human Serum AlbuminLuo, Z.; Shi, X.; Hu, Q.; Zhao, B.; Huang, M.
2013V-Shaped Dinuclear Pt(II) Complexes: Selective Interaction with Human Telomeric G-quadruplex and Significant Inhibition towards TelomeraseXu, C.-X.; Zheng, Y.-X.; Zheng, X.-H.; Hu, Q.; Zhao, Y.; Ji, L.-N.; Mao, Z.-W.