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2014Biological activities of salvianolic acid B from Salvia miltiorrhiza on type 2 diabetes induced by high-fat diet and streptozotocinHuang M; Wang P; Xu S; Xu W; Xu W; Chu K; Lu J
2014CERKL interacts with mitochondrial TRX2 and protects retinal cells from oxidative stress-induced apoptosisLi C(#); Wang L(#); Zhang J(#); Huang M; Wong F; Liu X; Liu F; Cui X; Yang G; Chen J; Liu Y; Wang J; Liao S; Gao M; Hu X; Shu X; Wang Q; Yin Z; Tang Z(); Liu M()
2014Characterization of paraquat-induced miRNA profiling response in hNPCs undergoing proliferationHuang M; Lou D; Cai Q; Chang X; Wang X; Zhou Z
2015Clinical and Radiological Profile of Acute Fibrinous and OrganizingPneumonia: A Retrospective Study.Dai JH; Li H; Shen W; Miao LY; Xiao YL; Huang M; Cao MS; Wang Y; Zhu B; Meng FQ; Cai Hou-rong
2013Dual roles of FBXL3 in the mammalian circadian feedback loops are important for period determination and robustness of the clockShi G; Xing L; Liu Z; Qu Z; Wu X; Dong Z; Wang X; Gao X; Huang M; Yan J; Yang L; Liu Y; Ptácek LJ; Xu Y
2015Effects of nitric oxide on notexin-induced muscle inflammatory responsesLiu X; Wu G; Shi D; Zhu R; Zeng H; Cao B; Huang M; Hua liao
2014Microarray analysis of long non-coding RNAs in COPD lung tissue.Bi H; Zhou J; Wu D; Gao W; Li L; Yu L; Liu F; Huang M; Adcock IM; Barnes PJ; Yao X
2015NovelAvian-Origin Influenza A (H7N9) in Critically Ill Patients in ChinaYang Yi; Guo Fengmei; Zhao W; GuQ; Huang M; Cao Q; Shi Y; Li J; Chen J; Yan J; Jin Z; Wang X; Deng Y; Sun L; Cai H; Huang J; Zheng Y; Li W; Liu A; Chen B; Zhou M; Qiu H; Slutsky AS
2014Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the major constituents in Jin-Mu-Gan-Mao tablet by high-performance liquid chromatography with diode-array detection and quadrupole time-of-flight tandem mass spectrometryHuang M; Xu S; Xu W; Chen D; Chu K; Xu W; Peng J; Lu J
2015Shenqi Fuzheng injection combined with chemotherapy for breast cancer: A meta-analysis of randomizedcontrolled trialsLv Y; Zhang G; Ma Y; Ma M; Liao R; Xiang J; Chen R; Yan X; Bie F; Huang M; Liang S
2014Transcription Factor Ets1 Regulates Expression of Thioredoxin-Interacting Protein and Inhibits Insulin Secretion in Pancreatic b-CellsLuo Y; ; He F; Hu L; Hai L; Huang M; Xu Z; Zhang J; Zhou Z; Liu F; Dai YS
2014Transplantation of SIRT1-engineeredaged mesenchymal stem cells improves cardiac function in a rat myocardial infarction modelLiu X; Chen H; Zhu W; Chen H; Hu X; Jiang Z; Xu Y; Zhou Y; Wang K; Wang L; Chen P; Hu H; Wang C; Zhang N; Ma Q; Huang M; Hu D; Zhang L; Wu R; Wang Y; Xu Q; Yu H; Wang J
2013vitrification of day 3 cleavage-stage embryos yields better clinical outcome in comparison with vitrification of day 2 cleavage-stage embryosChi F; Luo C; Yin P; Hong L; Ruan J; Huang M; Duan T; Tong GQ