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2015A multiple antigenic peptide mimicking peptidoglycan induced T cell responses to protect mice from systemic infection with Staphylococcus aureusWang XY; Huang ZX; Chen YG; Lu X; Zhu P; Wen K; Fu N; Liu BY
2013Asymptomatic cerebral microbleeds in adult patients with moyamoya disease: a prospective cohort studywith 2 years of follow-upSun W; Yuan C; Liu W; Li Y; Huang ZX; Zhu WS; Li M; Xu GL; Liu XF
2013Correlation between ABCD, ABCD2 Scores and Craniocervical Artery Stenosis in Patients with Transient Ischemic AttackSun W; Dai JF; Xiong YY; Huang ZX; Li YK; Liu WH; Zhu WS; Xu GL; Liu XF
2013ERK signaling pathway regulates embryonic survival and eye development in goldfish, Carassius auratusLi L(#); Wang L(#); Li TT(#); Li X(#); Huang XQ(#); Chen XW; Li ZL; Lv XM; Liu FY; Luo ZW; Liu M; Hu XH; Hu WF; Huang ZX; Yi M; Liu SJ; Liu YZ(); Li DW()
2013Microbleeds in ischemic stroke are associated with lower serum adiponectin and higher soluble E-selectinlevels.Huang ZX; Yin Q; Sun W; Zhu WS; Li YK; Liu WH; Xiao LL; Duan ZW; Cai QK; Liu DZ; Ma MM; Liu XF
2013PP-1α and PP-1γ display antagonism and differential roles in tumorigenicity of lung cancer cellsChen PC(#); Li C(#); Wang D(#); Luo ZW(#); Fu SJ(#); Li X; Li ZL; Chen XW; Li L; Huang ZX; Ji WK; Hu WF; Hu XH; Deng M; Gong L; Chen HG; Liu JP; Li DW()
2013Protein serine/threonine Phosphotase-2A is differentially expressed and regulates eye development in vertebratesLiu WB(#); Hu XH(#); Zhang XW(#); Deng MX(#); Nie L(#); Hui SS; Duan W; Tao M; Zhang C; Liu J; Hu WF; Huang ZX; Li L; Yi M; Li TT; Wang L; Liu Y; Liu SJ(); Li DW()
2014Sumoylation differentially regulates Sp1 to control cell differentiationGong L(#); Ji WK(#); Hu XH(#); Hu WF(#); Tang XC(#); Huang ZX; Li L; Liu M; Xiang SH; Wu E; Woodward Z; Liu YZ(); Nguyen QD(); Li DW()
2014The tumor suppressor, p53 regulates the γA-crystallin gene during mouse lens developmentHu XH(#); Nie Q(#); Yi M(#); Li TT(#); Wang ZF(#); Huang ZX; Gong XD; Zhou L; Ji WK; Hu WF; Liu JF; Wang L; Woodward Z; Zhu J; Liu WB(); Nguyen QD(); Li DW()