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2013Adsorption Behaviour of Pymetrozine by Four Kinds of Biochar from Aqueous SolutionCui; Liqiang(#); Yan; Jinlong(); Quan; Guixiang; Ding; Cheng; Chen; Tianming; Hussain; Qaiser
2016Antioxidant and antitumour activities of exopolysaccharide from liquid-cultured Grifola frondosa by chemical modificationZhang; Wenna(#); Lu; Yongming; Zhang; Yaping; Ding; Qiuying; Hussain; Sajid; Wu; Qingxi; Pan; Wenjuan; Chen; Yan()
2016Design and Utility of Metal/Metal Oxide Nanoparticles Mediated by Thioether End-Functionalized Polymeric LigandsRazzaque; Shumaila(#); Hussain; Syed Zajif; Hussain; Irshad(); Tan; Bien()
2015Does Biochar Alter the Speciation of Cd and Pb in Aqueous Solution?Cui; Liqiang(#); Yan; Jinlong(); Li; Lianqing; Quan; Guixiang; Ding; Cheng; Chen; Tianming; Yin; Chuntao; Gao; Junfei; Hussain; Qaiser
2015Effects of Choline on Meat Quality and Intramuscular Fat in Intrauterine Growth Retardation Pigs.Li; Bo; Li; Wei; Ahmad; Hussain; Zhang; Lili; Wang; Chao; Wang; Tian()
2016High mechanical strength and stability of alginate hydrogel induced by neodymium ions coordinationLiu; Shunli; Kang; Mengmeng; Hussain; Imtiaz; Li; Kewen; Yao; Fang; Fu; Guodong()
2016Identification of breast cancer candidate genes using gene co-expression and protein-protein interaction informationYue; Zhenyu(#); Li; Hai-Tao; Yang; Yabing; Hussain; Sajid; Zheng; Chun-Hou; Xia; Junfeng(); Chen; Yan()
2014Intrauterine Growth Restriction Impairs Small Intestinal Mucosal Immunity in Neonatal PigletsDong; Li; Zhong; Xiang; Ahmad; Hussain; Li; Wei; Wang; Yuanxiao; Zhang; Lili; Wang; Tian()
2016N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferases in cancerHussain; Muhammad Ramzan Manwar(#); Hoessli; Daniel C.; Fang; Min()
2017Structural elucidation of three antioxidative polysaccharides from Tricholoma lobayenseChen; Yan(#)(); Li; Xue-Hui; Zhou; Li-Yuan; Li; Wan; Liu; Liu; Wang; Dan-Dan; Zhang; Wen-Na; Hussain; Sajid; Tian; Xiao-He; Lu; Yong-Ming()