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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009(E)-4-Bromo-N'-(2-chlorobenzylidene)benzohydrazideX.-H. Shu; Y.-P. Diao; M.-L. Li; X. Yan; J. Liu
20132-[(1H-Benzimidazol-2-yl)iminomethyl]-4,6-dibromophenol ethanol hemisolvateJ. Liu; Z. Liu; S. Yuan
2013A High Sensitivity Index Sensor Based on Magnetic Plasmon Resonance in Metallic Grating with Very Narrow SlitsB. Xu; J. Liu; H. Hu; L. Wang; X. Wei; G. Song
2016A hybrid-drive nonisobaric-ignition scheme for inertial confinement fusionX. T. He; J. W. Li; Z. F. Fan; <strong>L. F. Wang</strong>; J. Liu; K. Lan; J. F. Wu; W. H. Ye
2014A new nonlinear interval programming method for uncertain problems with dependent interval variablesC. Jiang; Z.G. Zhang; Q.F. Zhang; X. Han; H.C. Xie; J. Liu
2015A new rock mass classification system QHLW for high-level radioactive waste disposalL. Chen; J. Wang; Z.H. Zong; J. Liu; R. Su; Y.H. Guo; Y.X. Jin; W.M. Chen; R.L. Ji; H.G. Zhao; X.Y. Wang; X. Tian; H. Luo; M. Zhang
2012A Note on Random k-SAT for Moderately Growing kJ. Liu; Z. Gao; K. Xu
2013A novel evidence-theory-based reliability analysis method for structures with epistemic uncertaintyC. Jiang; Z. Zhang; X. Han; J. Liu
2014Activation of prelimbic 5-HT"1"A receptors produces antidepressant-like effects in a unilateral rat model of Parkinson's diseaseY.P. Hui; Q.J. Zhang; L. Zhang; L. Chen; Y. Guo; H.F. Qiao; Y. Wang; J. Liu
2010Actively Q-switched laser performance of Nd:GdxY1−xVO4: a class of mixed vanadate crystalsJ. Liu; Y. Wan; W. Han; H. Yang; H. Zhang; J. Wang
2008Alterations in photosynthesis and antioxidant enzyme activity in winter wheat subjected to post-anthesis water-loggingW. Tan; J. Liu; T. Dai; Q. Jing; W. Cao; D. Jiang
2015An extensive survey of dayside diffuse aurora based on optical observations at Yellow River Station,Han, D.; X. Chen; J. Liu; Q. Qiu; K. Keika; Z. Hu; H.Q. Hu; H. Yang
2014An improved long counter for neutron fluence measurement with a flat response over a wide energy range from 1 keV to 15 MeVQ.Y. Hu; J.H. Zhang; D. Zhang; H.S. Guo; G.Z. Yang; B.J. Li; F. Ye; F.N. Si; J. Liu; Y.C. Fu; J.M. Ning; J. Yang; H.H. Yang; W.C. Wang
2013Analysis of differentially expressed genes in placental tissues of preeclampsia patients using microarray combined with the Connectivity Map databaseY. Song; J. Liu; S. Huang; L. Zhang
2011Antenatal taurine supplementation for improving brain ultrastructure in fetal rats with intrauterine growth restrictionJ. Liu; L. Liu; H. Chen
2008Anti-tumor effect of sodium-induced thermochemical ablation therapyW. Rao; J. Liu; Y. X. Zhou; Y. Yang; H. Zhang
2012Assessing water footprint at river basin level: a case study for the Heihe River Basin in northwest ChinaZ. Zeng; J. Liu; P. H. Koeneman; E. Zarate; A. Y. Hoekstra
2013Atime-aware Bayesian approach for optimal manufacturing service recommendationin distributed manufacturing environmentsS. Zhang; Zhang, W. Y; J. Liu; J. Wu
2014Catalytic combustion of low-concentraton coal bed methane over CuO/γ-Al2O3 catalytst: effect of SO2Z. Yang; J. Liu; S. Zheng; M. Guo; Y. Yan
2012Changes in the photoplethysmogram with tracheal intubation and remifentanil concentrationX. Wang; X. Chen; S. Ye; Y. Feng; C. Huang; L. Hou; J. Liu; H. Chen