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20133D ordered macroporous germanium fabricated by electrodeposition from an ionic liquid and its lithium storage propertiesX.Liu; J.P.Zhao; J.Hao; B.L.Su; Y.Li
2012Enhanced photoluminescence of ordered macroporous germanium electrochemically prepared from ionic liquidsX.D.Meng; J.P.Zhao; H.B.Li; Y.Li; F.Endres
2014Ionic liquid electrodeposition of 3D germanium–acetylene black–Ni foam nanocomposite electrodes for lithium-ion batteriesJ.Hao; X.X.Liu; N.Li; X.S.Liu; X.X.Ma; Y.Zhang; Y.Li; J.P.Zhao
2015Ionic liquid electrodeposition of Ge nanostructureson freestanding Ni-nanocone arrays for Li-ionbatteryJ.Hao; X.Liu; X.X.Liu; N.Li; X.X.Ma; Y.Zhang; Y.Li; J.P.Zhao
2015Ionic liquid electrodeposition of germanium/carbon nanotube composite anode material for lithium ion batteriesJ.Hao; N.Li; X.X.Ma; X.X.Liu; X.S.Liu; Y.Li; H.B.Xu; J.P.Zhao
2012Morphology on 3D ordered macroporous metals associated to deposition depthW.H.Xin; L.L.Yang; J.P.Zhao; Y.Li
2011Reliability and failure analysis of fine copper wire bonds encapsulated with commercial epoxy molding compoundY.H.Tian; C.J.Hang; C.Q.Wang; G.Q.Ouyang; D.S.Yang; J.P.Zhao
2012Three-dimensionally ordered macroporous silicon films made by electrodeposition from an ionic liqiudX.Liu; Y.Zhang; D.T.Ge; J.P.Zhao; Y.Li; F.Endres
2013Two-dimensional SixGe1-x films with variable composition made via multilayer colloidal template-guided ionic liquid electrodepositionW.H.Xin; J.P.Zhao; D.T.Ge; Y.B.Ding; Y.Li