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2015A Functional Polymorphism T29C in Transforming Growth Factor Beta 1 Gene is Associated with the Severity of Coronary Artery DiseaseChen XFYang MJ(#); Zhu M; Tang LJ; Zhu HH; Lu YF; Xu BH; Jiang JJ; <b>Chen XF</b>()
2015A study ofphonomicrosurgical arm support postures using a magnetic tracking system.Chen T; Vamos AC; Dailey SH; Geng Z; Jiang JJ
2015An Objective Parameter for Quantifying theTurbulent Noise Portion of Voice Signals.Lin L; Calawerts W; Dodd K; Jiang JJ
2014Assessment of DNA methylation changes in tissue culture of Brassica napusGao YN; Ran LP; Kong YQ; Jiang JJ; Sokolov V; Wang YP
2015Association between Renin Angiotensin System Gene Polymorphismsand Severity of Coronary Artery Disease and Restenosis after Coronary StentingChen XFZhu M(#); Yang MJ; Jiang JJ; Zhu HH; <b>Chen XF</b>()
2015Bioengineeredvocal fold mucosa for voice restoration.Ling C; Li Q; Brown ME; Kishimoto Y; Toya Y; Devine EE; Choi KO; Nishimoto K; Norman IG; Tsegyal T; Jiang JJ; Burlingham WJ; Gunasekaran S; Smith LM; Frey BL; Welham NV
2015Characterizing Liquid Redistribution in a Biphasic Vibrating Vocal FoldUsing Finite Element AnalysisKvit AA; Devine EE; Jiang JJ; Vamos AC; Tao C
2015Characterizing the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in theUnited States and ChinaHuang MB; Ye L; Liang BY; Ning CY; Roth WW; Jiang JJ; Huang JG; Zhou B; Zang N; Powell MD; Liang H; Bond VC
2015Coronary Artery Ectasia in Patients with Obstructive Coronary Artery DiseaseChen XFXu SS(#); Jiang JJ; Zhu HH; Wang B; Fang CF; <b>Chen XF</b>()
2015Functional and Histological Evaluation following Canine Vocal FoldReconstruction Using Composite Thyroid Ala Perichondrium FlapsOtolaryngology -- Head and Neck Surgery; Glab R; Gunderson M; Maytag AL; Yang DT; Jiang JJ; Dailey SH
2015Metabolic characteristics inmeal of black rapeseed and yellow-seeded progeny of Brassica napus-Sinapis alba hybridsJiang JJ; Wang Y; Xie T; Li AM; Fang YJ; Wang YP
2015Quantitative Study for the Surface Dehydration of Vocal Folds Based onHigh-Speed ImagingLi L; Zhang Y; Maytag AL; Jiang JJ
2015The Effectof Moving Window on Acoustic AnalysisShu M; Jiang JJ; Willey MV
2015VibratoryDynamics of Four Types of Excised Larynx Phonations.3.Li L; Zhang Y; Calawerts W; Jiang JJ